College Fantasy Gymnastics: Impress to Handstand

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The last in the installment on College Fantasy Gymnastics by Emma at Impress To Handstand.

Why did you sign up for fantasy gymnastics?
I signed up for fantasy gymnastics because I wanted to learn more about NCAA gymnastics. I also needed something to help get me through the winter months with few if any elite meets.

What was your thought process in picking your gymnasts? And what did
you learn about the gymnasts you may not have chosen.
I picked gymnasts who a) based on previous results consistently contributed high (9.8+) scores on at least 3 events, b) could contribute on 2 events with one consistently 9.9+, or  c) in the case of freshman consistently scored well in JO meets according to I also looked at what BBS was saying about certain gymnasts and tried to find video or check out their websites when possible.

Tell us a little bit about your lineups 
My lineup was pretty heavy on the freshman. I had 8 freshman on my 20 gymnast team, luckily all but one competed frequently and well.

MVP - most valuable player

I think my MVP would have to be Mackenzie Caquatto of Florida, mainly because my lineup was weakest on bars and beam. Mackenzie's high scores helped keep my weekly event totals over 49 on those events, and once she started to do vault she did well there too (though I was more than ok without her). Caitlyn Atkinson of Auburn was also very consistent on all four events, even if she didn't always have 9.9s everywhere I knew I could count on her to have a score worth counting.

Mackenzie scores a perfect 10 on UB

MIP - most improved player
Most improved would be Hollie Blanske of Nebraska. I don't think I put her in my lineup at all the first half of the season, but around week 8 she started getting some high scores, especially on vault and floor where she improved multiple tenths over the start of the season.

Hollie scores 9.825 on FX (1:22:58)

Gymnasts or schools that surprised you
Given the amount of research I did prior to the start of the season I can't really say I was surprised by any gymnasts or schools, at least in a good way. I was disappointed with how my LSU athletes, Randii Wyrick and Jessica Savona did, I had expected just a tad bit more from both of them. 

What was the most difficult part of College Fantasy Gymnastics for you?
The most difficult part of College Fantasy Gymnastics for me was picking my lineup each week! I was about 12 deep on vault and floor, all 9.9+ capable gymnasts. Bars I had a bit of wiggle room but fewer high scorers, and beam I often wasn't sure I'd have more than 5 scores to pick from!

Any other routines or gymnasts the gymternet should know about?
I think the gymternet should know about Oklahoma's Keeley Kmieciak and Haley Scaman, both freshman in 2012-2013. Keeley did all around in a bunch of meets before an unfortunately timed tonsillectomy prior to week 11 slowed her down, and Haley made the lineup on vault, bars, and floor all but once. Both girls are very Oklahoma, solid and beautiful gymnastics but they have something special too. Go watch Haley's floor routine if you haven't seen it already.

Haley Scaman's 9.975 on FX

Do you think you'll do it again next year?
I will absolutely do fantasy gym again next year, this year I made it to semi-finals and I hope to improve on that next season if I can!

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