2013 Chinese National Championships

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Reporter 1: In today's competition we saw the familiar faces of 2008 Olympians Jiang Yuyuan and He Kexin and 2012 Olympian Sui Lu.

Reporter 2: On balance beam, we saw 2012 Beam Silver medalist Sui Lu. The performance today of this strong gymnast wasn't too bad. The first half of her event had some deductions because she hasn't completed for more than half a year. This time competing in the qualifiers of the Chinese Nationals, her biggest obstacle is losing weight.

Sui Lu: So, I've gained about 10 pounds. Up til now, I've lost about 6 lbs but it's still more energy consuming to throw tricks. I should concentrate now because the qualifiers are over and the finals are 3-4 months away. So now I should tighten up.

Reporter 2: With the lively music is Jiang Yuyuan, the women's team captain, on the floor. This former gold medalist Olympian performed at her usual standard today. She's now not yet 22 but this little girl is now the Chinese team's (super) big sister.

Jiang Yuyuan: Now I'm the oldest (female) gymnast in the whole country! I can't quite believe I'm that old! Really, there's no one older than I am now! The good thing about being so old but working so hard is that they [the younger gymnasts] have to work even harder.

Reporter 2: Beijing Olympic gold medalist and London Olympic silver medalist He Kexin's performance naturally drew a lot of attention. But being an older member, there is no avoiding some injuries. She's not in her peak form recently. During warm ups, she fell a lot but during competition, she was very steady ultimately performing not too bad.

He Kexin: (missed 1st sentence) As a senior, we have to put in a lot of effort. For example, losing weight or training with stamina. We probably have to put in 3x more effort than when I was preparing for the Olympics to achieve this current/pre-competition state. So, I guess, personally, I have to adjust.

Reporter 2: So coming from 17 different teams, 124 female gymnasts competed in this grueling qualifications for the Nationals. The first 12 teams and the individuals that are first 8 on each event will compete in the September finals.

AA Results
1Yao Jinnan56.701
2Shang Chunsong55.635
3Zeng Siqi55.335

Event Final qualifiers can be found here, and all-around final results here, more at Chinese Gymnastics.