Montage Monday: More European Championships

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Giulia Steingruber - Champion
I am thrilled that people are now on the Steingruber bandwagon! It's hard to find a montage about gymnasts that aren't from the USA, Russia, or Romania (we'll talk about men's gymnastics another time). Steingruber is known for her vaulting, which has been progressively getting cleaner and cleaner. She has a lovely floor routine to Carmen and debuted a full twisting double layout at European Championships. She finished 4th in the AA with the help of a steady beam routine and a new Markelov release on uneven bars. The hazy editing isn't my favorite, but, alas, a Steingruber montage is a montage worth watching!

2013 Euros AA Montage - I Still Have a Soul
For those of you that loved the Beauty of Gymnastics montage, this is a montage for you. Lots of the slow motion clips from the European Championships are used here and as the music picks up, so does the intensity of the gymnastics that we watch.

What was your favorite moment at the European Championships?

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