Live Blog: European Championships VT/UB EF

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Live feed in Europe: UEG

Tkalcec - Tall gymnast, first vault was front handspring tuck full out (5.3/12.866) with a fall; VT2: 1.5TY with deep squat but stood up (5.3) - well, may count it as a fall actually that's how deep the squat was 13.5; avg: 13.183

Teja Belak - spider leo with lace VT1: same fhs 1/1 but stands it, hop to the side - 14.2; VT2: 1.5TY squat to 90 degrees or so. She's happy, coaches (one with green hair?) are happy! Great work - very clean! 14.133; average: 14.166

Larisa Iordache - in the pink flame leo with black lace arms; VT1: nice DTY - the Romanians were scaring me yesterday on vault but this looked very good. 14.9; VT2: Tsuk full - had to pike down but she's happy and coach is happy (not B&B, the bars coach? Belu and Bulimar are waiting for her) 14.033; avg: 14.466

Netteb - in the American Cup leo in RWB - red bodice, white upper half, blue swirlies by the shoulder, her knee is taped; VT1 - went for the DTY but was nowhere near completing it. Facing sideways when she landed and hopped backwards. Netteb was tucked but I think was just unsure given what happened to her yesterday - 12.766, -0.1ND after downgrading to 1.5; VT2 - Tsuk full, small step back, better than Iordache in air in my opinion but maybe not as much height? 14.1; avg: 13.533

O Nezer - FHS full again - squat and hop back, she landed ok but her body was still turning when she landed if that makes sense, 14.2; VT2 - Tsuk full, ok in air (pike down clearer on replay), low chest on landing and hop forward 14.133; avg: 14.166

Giulia Steingruber!!! VT1 - nailing the Rudi like she's ASac!!!! Small pike but definitely more laid out than usual. 15.3 - 9.1 e-score!; VT2 - Tsuk full - unmatched height on it thus far, she does pike down though, 14.2; avg: 14.750 she smiles.

Noel van Klaveren - VT1 - she makes her DTY with no real problems compared to her teammate, low chest on landing but pretty straight throughout so good for her! 14.9; VT2 - Tsuk full - arm out in a weird way, not sure if she tries to flair out but it doesn't really work - pikes down and low chest - 14.466; 14.033

Maria Paseka :O Russian crowd applauding like mad VT1 - Amanar! She falls (in a safe way if that's possible?) because I don't think she got the height she needed so once her feet hit, she just falls. She's unhappy but I mean, that Amanar... 13.966; VT2 - oh no! She falls on ro-bhs 1/2, 1/2 off, no where near making it, lands to her knees. Baby girl goes to the gymnasts and gets a quick hug and cries to Afan. Finishes in 7th.

Steingruber 1st, van Klaveren and Iordache tie for 2nd!

I apologize. The feed went out and I'm not sure I'll find another for UB.

Here is the entire video for MAG and WAG Day 1 via ChainChomp2.