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3:37 PM Arabian Punch Front 0 Comments

This video is pure genius, I can't get over it. Both Aliya and Vika are shown vaulting together and someone on tumblr (anontube) noted how in sync they are (1:28 for vault, on beam at 0:37). The youtube commenters acknowledge that only Kohei can be compared to Kohei (1:47). Many compared Maroney and Paseka's Amanar vault (1:33). While I don't think the timing is right, you can tell Maroney gets so much more height because she's out of the frame for a significant portion of it and she lands facing forward.

Beijing 2008 Video Game

It's interesting because it embodies everything that is wrong with floor - do your tumbling, pose in the corner, have about 10 secs of real choreo to the music, and dismount. Fun. (The game is still available if you search for it but I believe you have to pay.)

This user ChainChomp2 has taken 4 videos and compared them side by side (by side by side). Check out his channel for more of these comparison videos. It's interesting to see how Aly's routines have changed since she added more rebounding leaps. It's also interesting to watch considering Aly has now fully admitted that she never counts the music.

Someone said that Aliya changed her choreography a little bit either for the all around or floor exercise final. I don't really see where since the only areas that have different choreography seem to be because she's not doing something as opposed to doing something new at 1:10 and the ending movements. Also, I think Aliya is the reason behind this new standing in the corner rule. Girlfriend, move! Check 0:45 and 1:20.