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Tomorrow (Thursday, Apr 18) at 8:30pm ET, we'll be doing #gymfan night. I'll pose a question here and if you have a twitter, use "#gymfan Qx" (#gymfan Q3, #gymfan Q4, etc.) when you answer the question (or gymfan on tumblr).  I'll try to post 2 questions earlier in the day so that those of you on the other side of the world can participate too at 2:30pm ET.

The hope is that you can search #gymfan on twitter (here) and find other people who think like you and follow them or find people you disagree with and have a discussion. I'll post the questions on tumblr and you can reblog them (or reply) and on facebook so you can comment directly. If twitter (and it's 140 characters), facebook, and tumblr still don't work, the comment box right below will gladly accept what you have to say :)

I'll retweet some of them and will also post a few of my favorites here - keep in mind, these opinions are NOT my own. So, check back here April 18 at 2:30pm and 8:30pm ET for the questions. The questions will be posted 10-15 minutes apart. Feel free to ask any questions or suggest questions for next time.

Not sure if we can trend but, hey, you never know.

#gymfan: Question 1 - Rank the 4 WAG events in order from favorite to least favorite (ties allowed) and why

#gymfan Question 2: Name 2 routines from European Championships that you will be most excited to watch once video becomes available

Tumblr 1
Tumblr 2

Q3: For your favorite event (that you mentioned in Q1), what is your ideal podium at Euros?
Q4: If you could change the “Olympic order” (VT, UB, BB, FX) for WAG, what would you change it to or would you leave it as it is?
Q5: Name 1 person you wished made a European Championships final but didn’t - name the gymnast and the final (please do NOT tag the gymnasts).
Q6: NCAA - Name 1 gymnast and the event final that you hope she makes (please do NOT tag the gymnasts).

Tumblr 3
Tumblr 4
Tumblr 5
Tumblr 6

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