GymFan Apr 17: European Champs & NCAA Edition

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We just did our first #gymfan night. Hope you enjoyed it! This was done on April 17, the evening we learned the qualifiers for AA and EF at European Championships and the night before NCAA Women's Gymnastics National Championships. Read a few responses below and check out the related video! This doesn't include all of the responses but I tried to include at least one per person.

Q1: Rank the 4 WAG events in order from favorite to least favorite (ties allowed) and why
@ArabianPF_blog: UB - breathtaking to watch, VT - amazing when done well, falls change things quickly; FX(3rd) - some interesting choreo (sometimes) and mindblowing tumbling, BB (4th) - boring, everyone does the same thing

@DoubleDoubleGymBlog: beam- it's awesome to see their confidence, floor, you get to see their personality, vault, such an adrenaline rush, and I hate bars [We were complete opposites!!]

@elliemdi: speaking as a gymnast: beam, floor, bars, vault! speaking as a #gymfan: bars, floor, vault, beam.

Q2: Name 2 routines from European Championships that you will be most excited to watch once video becomes available
@ArabianPF_blog: Steingruber's VTs and I actually have no idea for the 2nd one. Maybe her FX since she did a full twisting double layout.

@MrsMcLean11 1. Ruby Harrold bars love the routine 2. Afan floor love her artistry

candycoateddoom (tumblr): Didi’s floor in EF and… let’s go with Lari’s beam in AA and EF.

@AllFlippedOut This may sound bad but Mustafina's two beam falls… curious to see what went wrong.

Mustafina on BB in Qualifications - user has link to Russians in qualifications but currently unlabelled

Q3: For your favorite event (that you mentioned in Q1), what is your ideal podium at Euros?
@ArabianPF_blog 18 Apr #gymfan Q3 for UB - Mustafina, Downie, and pretty much anyone (except for maybe Paseka...) I'd love it for Harrold and I feel like a medal would mean a lot to any of those girls in the finals - 2 gymnasts from Sweden in UB EF!!

Jonna Adlerteg places 2nd - user links to other top VT/UB EF routines

@Gymnasticsfan4: 1. Mustafina 2. Downie 3. Harrold or Paseka (for UB)
@DoubleDoubleGym Iordache, Ruby Harold, and [Grishina] in that order (for BB)

Q4: If you could change the “Olympic order” (VT, UB, BB, FX) for WAG, what would you change it to or would you leave it as it is?
@ArabianPF_blog I'd push UB to the 2nd half just to break up the events that are 1 min 30 sec long with the shorter events

@brichardson84: I wouldn't change the order itself, but I'd begin on UB and end on VT.

@Gymnasticsfan4 I think I would leave it the same or maybe switch fx&vt so that the event that requires the most endurance is 1st

Q5: Name 1 person you wished made a European Championships final but didn’t - name the gymnast and the final (please do NOT tag the gymnasts).
@brichardson84 Ferrari FX

@CordeliaGymFan I wish Vanessa Ferrari had made an event final on FX.

@Gymnasticsfan4 Ferrari FX finals or Afan in the AA

Q6: NCAA - Name 1 gymnast and the event final that you hope she makes (please do NOT tag the gymnasts).
@jyosefr Lindsay Mable from MN on vault!

@camiila_ma Brittany Rogers VT

@Creatureitis Damianova FX

@brichardson84 Emily Wong, FX

@UofUGymFan Georgia Dabritz on FX and Tory Wilson on VT

@Gymnasticsfan4 Bridget Sloan- AA/UB

Bridget Sloan UB - user has link to other NCAA Semifinals routines

Best response of the night: @presshandstand Marissa King on VT, cause the FTY needs to be retired.

If you have any suggestions for questions for next time or would like to answer this set of questions, leave them in the comment box below!

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  1. I liked the #gymfan thing and i hope more people get in on it next time. Good questions, but didn't really like the ones that weren't about Euros/NCAA. Very general and there's a lot to write but not enough characters ;p