Montage Monday: A Stitch in Time

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I split these by year and will go in reverse chronological order.

2013 American Cup
Chris Saccullo/@CSaccullo made this montage of Victoria Moors after the American Cup. It's a great montage for all of it's effects and highlighting Tori's gymnastics (aka stuck double double) but it's also hilarious since there are clips of Boston Moors, Tori's beloved cat, throughout the video.
Victoria Moors - Captivate

2013 American Cup Montage by dominique moceanu fan. This is basically the highlights of the competition and each of the eight female athletes is presented one at a time. Make sure to subscribe to that channel. She(?) is starting to load montages weekly.

2012 - Back to the Olympic Year
This montage was made using a Nikon commercial as inspiration. It features gymnasts from many different countries and has text throughout saying "I am..." The soothing music along with the perfect clips matching the text makes for a very well done montage.

I am..a gymnast..London 2012 Olympic Games. Welcome Home. from Katie Holden on Vimeo/@katie_holden17.

Fiercemontagesbykel/@fiercemontages made this montage of Gabby Douglas to an instrumental version of the song "It's Time" by Imagine Dragon. The ending gives me chills and Jordyn was indeed the first one to stand when Gabby's score was announced. It's Time to be Olympic Champion.

Dylan at Let's Talk About Gymnastics/@LTAGymnastics made a montage dedicated to Chellsie Memmel and it came out extremely well, especially after you find out that it's his first montage. She recently retired so this montage features highlights throughout her senior career.

There's a new montage maker in town - TheBlueJay74. He made a montage of Aly Raisman's Olympic journey from qualifications through to floor exercise finals. Be sure to check out his Komova montage as well. Aly Raisman. Impossible.

Barcelona 1992: Let It Be
I first saw this montage because of tumblr user fouettefantasia. It's a montage of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. It's nice to just sit back and reminisce.

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