Montage Monday: American Cup Edition

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An exciting Montage Monday with lots of American Cup footage.

Sydney Johnson-Scharf. Feel this Moment.
I think this is my favorite montage of the week. Many people fell in love with Level 10 gymnast and elite hopeful Sydney Johnson-Scharf who competed at the Nastia Liukin Cup. I call her the floor exercise love child of Mattie Larson and Sabrina Vega - her performance quality is out of this world. Look at 0:37+. She's this little bundle of sass and I love it!

Katelyn Ohashi - Shine
This is probably one of my favorites by DakotaLaand. It highlights Ohashi's American Cup 2013 winning performance. My favorite part is the use of slow motion from a different perspective of the same skill on beam. It added that wow factor to her performance and the montage.

Nastia Liukin - Fireflies
This montage is by @FraankBiebs and was recommended by @NiecyBaby_. It's a montage dedicated to Nastia Liukin and focuses mostly on her journey to the 2012 Olympics. There's a really cute moment between Aly and Nastia around 1:10 so watch for that.

I love a montage that tries to time the choreography to the music

There have been lots of great montages this week. Check out the playlist here for more of Katelyn Ohashi, Simone Biles.