On The Rise: Team Canada Part 3

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A new series looking at countries and athletes that can challenge for medals in major competitions this quadrennium.

Source: Grace Chiu/Grace Click

This is the last for Canada. There are lots of talented athletes but if I keep going, I'll do the entire national team! Learn a bit about Maegan Chant who will be competing at the American Cup, Sabrina Gill who is excellent on floor and uneven bars, and Aleeza Yu who has a 6.3 D-score on uneven bars as a junior!

Maegan Chant - 1st year senior
Many have been asking: Who is Maegan Chant? Chant is a first-year senior who will be competing at the American Cup this weekend. She is coached by former Romanian World and Olympic medalist Cristina Bontas at World Class Gymnastics. Chant won the senior all-around and was first place on vault and floor at last weekend's Gymnastics Legends International in Los Angeles (held by McKayla Maroney's gym, AOGC - more info here).
Accomplishments: 2nd AA, 3rd on VT, UB, FX at 2013 Elite Canada; 3rd with the Team, 3rd on VT at 2012 Pacific Rim
VT - Tsuk Full (5.2 D)
UB - 4.9 D - Gienger, full twisting double back dismount
BB - 5.3 D - L-turn, back handspring - layout stepout, side aerial to 2 feet, double pike dismount. (The routine I linked to received a 4.8 D-score (12.6) but you can see where she wasn't given the CV on her leap-salto combinations.)
FX (13.525/5.7 D - embedded below) - double layout, full in piked, front tuck through to double back, double pike

Sabrina Gill - 2nd year senior
Recent Accomplishments: 3rd AA Nadia Comaneci International, 4th AA 2013 Elite Canada
FX - (5.5 D/12.850) - double arabian, 1.5 through to double tuck, 2.5 to stag, double pike - The video is a bit far away but she seems like she's dancing well and the choreography works well with the music.
UB - (5.2 D?/13.90 - embedded below) - lots of stalders, straddled Jaeger, and Ricna (stalder Tkatchev) - Gill's handstands aren't perfect but she does have nice stalder work.

Aleeza Yu - senior in 2014
Recent Accomplishments: 3rd AA, 1st on UB at 2013 Elite Canada; 2nd AA at Nadia Comaneci International
VT - full twisting Yurchenko
UB (6.3 D/13.2 with a fall - embedded below) - inbar stalder - inbar stalder 1/2 - endo 1/2, toe-on shaposh to bail, double pike dismount

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  1. cool to see that the Canadian association isn't skipping on semi-significant meets in the US. This is how you get experienced gymnasts, and this is one more sign that they are on the rise and aiming high.

    Chant is a very interesting 1st year senior, she's still listed on the Junior team, I guess it's temporary.

    I've got a good feeling about her gymnastic future.