Montage Monday: Team Canada

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National Gymnastics Week just ended in Canada and check out On The Rise: Team Canada Part 1 and Part 2. Here are a few Canada montages I found. If you have any other, please share!

Gymnastics Team Canada - Supergirl
by dominiquemoceanufan
This one contains the Canadian Fierce 5 but also other member of the National Team like Talia Chiarelli. The montage was made after the Olympics so clips from the Olympics are included alongside clips of the athletes when they were younger. Watch here:

2012 Women's Canadian Gymnastics Olympic Team
by gabmorin
The montage was made before the Olympics so it contains footage of the five Canadian gymnasts throughout 2012.
Watch here:

Peng Peng Lee - Carry You Home
by nastia2012
This was made just after news got out about Lee's ACL tear. It's my favorite of the montages and I believe Lee has already seen it. The song is slow and sad, which fits how I felt when I found out she wouldn't compete at the Olympics, and yet Lee's smile and charisma still manages to shine through it all and reminds you why her gymnastics is so lovely.
Watch here or below:

Victoria Moors - Captivate
by CSaccullo
I believe this was made soon after the announcement of Canada's Olympic Team. It's fun because it's music video meets gymnastics montage. Watch here:

Chris also made a montage for Peng Peng Lee just before she started the year at UCLA - Peng Peng Lee - WELCOME TO LA.

We need more Team Canada montages, people!