Montage Monday: American Cup, Olympics, & NCAA!

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We still have a few more Olympic montages rolling in but we can start to look ahead in the competition season. We are now on week 3 of the 2013 Women's NCAA Gymnastics season (week 2 for the men) and we are waiting for the start of the upcoming elite season. 

Kyla Ross - American Cup 2013 Preview
The field for the American Cup to be held on March 2 has been announced. On the women's side we have American headliners Kyla Ross and Elizabeth Price along with a rather strong field of Olympians and strong contenders for future World teams: Vanessa Ferrari (ITA), Larissa Iordache (ROM), Elisabeth Seitz of (GER), and Asuka Teramoto (JPN), + 1 Canadian, +1 more athlete to be announced. On the men's side, we will see Danell Leyva and Jake Dalton of the USA up against Jorge Hugo Giraldo Lopez (COL), Marcel Nguyen (GER), Sergio Sasaki (BRA), Kristian Thomas (GBR), and Oleg Verniaiev (UKR), +1 more athlete to be announced.

Chris Saccullo has made a lovely montage of Kyla Ross as an American Cup 2013 preview. It's a techno/dubstep remix but it fits the style of the video perfectly. The video isn't too long at just 2 minutes and really seems like perfect advertising to me - the music is upbeat and has just short clips of Kyla doing amazing things that should get everyone, obsessed gym fans and grandmas in Topeka alike, to want to watch the televised gymnastics event.

Kyla Ross - 2013 American Cup Preview from CSaccullo on Vimeo.

Glidecam Gymnastics - SUU @ UCLA
Parker Walbeck is a professional fim maker/cinametographer and is working with SUU this season to bring highlights from their meets. He recently did a Glidecam of the SUU @ UCLA meet. Make sure to check out his channel for an SUU promo as well as training montages of the three senior gymnasts.
Watch here or below:

British Gymnastics. London 2012
@gymnastprobzz made this video recognizing all that Team GB has accomplished at the 2012 Olympics. It was definitely a great year for British gymnastics - hosting the Olympics, making the team final, having two female athletes in the all-around, and earning a bronze medal on the uneven bars and that was just on the women's side! The British men earned a bronze team medal and earned silver and bronze on pommel horse. This video starts off with younger clips of the five female British gymnasts and then goes on to their successful performances at the Olympics. Imogen Cairns retweeted the montage and Claire Duffy placed it on the Liverpool Gymnastics website. Congratulations!

British Gymnastics. London 2012 from gymnasticsfan on Vimeo.

2013 Utah Gymnastics Behind the Scenes at UCLA - Utah Gymnastics has made a gymnastics montage (ironically, it is also of their meet against UCLA). It takes you just through warmup but the UtahGymnastics channel has uploaded some of the Ute routines from the last 2 weekend meets.

McKayla Maroney Montage: Radioactive - McKayla montage from a young age to now and including some photos and videos of her different appearances. Best one by fiercemontagesbykel/@kaymitchee96

London 2012 // Live Out Loud - @gymnastprobzz recommended this montage made by BravoExpressions. It fits in the category of happy Olympic montages and celebrates the successes across the Olympics and acknowledges all of the Olympic Champions.

Andreea Raducan. LITTLE WONDERS. "Reversul Medaliei Version" - a reupload by @godofbacon in honor of the English release of Andreea Raducan's book "The Other Side of the Medal." You can watch a trailer (in Romanian).


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