First Montage Monday of the Year!

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Welcome back! Hope you all had a lovely New Year! Montage Monday is switching to bimonthly. Check out Arabian Punch Front on facebook or twitter (@ArabianPF_blog) in between to check for any updates.

The Beauty of Gymnastics. London 2012 Edition.
By uswntgymfan
Song: Varou by Sigur Ros
Great montage of gymnastics and London 2012. How beautiful gymnastics is! She included a lot of my favorite footage that makes me laugh or smile. It's definitely one of those slow motion montages but it reminds you that every moment is important and significant in gymnastics and that each athlete brings shines her own light on the sport.

Fight For You. The Fierce Five & the Magnificent Seven.
By AshleyakaFlipper2
Ever wondered what the Fierce Five would look like up against the Magnificent Seven? Ashley does so well with match up montages - comparing Dominique Dawes' double layout with Jordyn's double double on floor, Amanda Borden and Kyla Ross' double tuck dismount off beam, or both Jordyn and Dominique Moceanu's full twisting double layout dismount off bars. Guess which two vaults were compared? I know we all wondered what the two teams would look like side by side, and now we get to see.

Алия Мустафина - Небо принадлежит тебе / Aliya Mustafina - The Sky Belongs To You was made by Chris Saccullo. Chris continues to push the envelope with his montages. Here, he overlays scenes of earth from space as Mustafina's tumbling. I love how she's tumbling over off and that there are clips of her saluting in the sky - the sky belongs to you. Let him know what you think in the comments to the video!

Fansgymnastic just made this montage of Gabby Douglas back in November. It's to a rap/hip-hop song and some of my favorite parts are the clips of other people reacting to Gabby's performances, like the rest of the Fierce 5 during her UB and Jordyn and Gabby's mom, Natalie Hawkins, during the AA. Check it out! Gabby Douglas - I WANNA BE BIGGER