Montage Monday: Year in Review Part 2

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Montage Monday: Year in Review Continued
* = tweeted by gymnast
** = a favorite video of mine
@ indicates twitter name

Videos That Took The Gymternet by Storm**
1. HuangQiushuangFan / "Mean Girls" : Gymnastics
Funniest Montage

2. Karpenko25/Patrick O'Neil / Good Feeling - Fierce Five Olympic Champions Montage #spannyapproved

3. kelseyefink102 / London 2012 Gymnastics x The Hunger Games*

The Newly Discovered
Most of these I found by pure luck - tweets from gymnasts, suggestions from other gym fans or  youtube. [EDIT 1/2 - To not have so many links on the page, I've removed the links to twitter and theyoutube account but you can still access the video. The first name listed is the youtube username (]
1. jimnastix123 / @Anna Burnsy / Team Finals - Skyfall
2. fiercefivefan1 / vimeo / @gymnastprobszz / Long Live The Fierce Five
3. fiercemontagesbykel / @kaymitchee96 / The Fierce Five:Long Live the Olympic Journey
4. GymnasticInTheHeart (dominique moceanu fan) / Gymnastics: Olympics 2012 - Fix You** & Gymastics - You don't know me but Here I am**
5. sparklerose151 / @gwen_sullivan / McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross - Best Friends Forever*
6. AlyRaismanFeels / @Fierce5Gymnasts / Jordyn Wieber- Feel Again*

Part 1 can be found here. Ready for new seniors in 2013 and the new quad? Check out some Rio eligible montages here.

Are there any accounts that I missed? It was a great year for montages. Here's to an amazing 2013! Also, I plan on interviewing a few more video editors (Ashley/AshleyakaFlipper2, Chris/iLitter). Any other questions you would like me to ask?