Montage Monday: Year in Review Part 1

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The first link will take you to their youtube channel so go subscribe :) The last one is a "highly recommended" either a favorite of mine, the video editor's favorite, or the first video I watched. If a video is embedded, the last link is the link to that video. Some users also have vimeo accounts for videos that were blocked on youtube and the "@" indicates a twitter account. I apologize to any accounts I failed to link to this time around. I'll do this again in 6 months for any links I might have missed and will do more awards.Numbers aren't a ranking, it was just to help organize the categories.
* = tweeted by gymnast
** = a favorite video of mine

The Ones Who Got Me Obsessed With Montages
1. AshleyAkaFlipper2 / AshleyAkaFlipper / vimeo / @Ashley_Flipper
Fierce Five Imagine the Fire** gets Montage of the Year Award - I fell in love with this video because of the way Ashley created such build up to McKayla's vault. There's a real sense of suspense in this video analyzing USA v. Russia in Team Finals even though we know what's going to happen. Along with that vault, I also really liked the way she compared the balance beam routines. Routines were similar enough that the comparison was possible - front tuck to front tuck, side aerial to side aerial. Loved it.

Fierce Five Imagine the Fire from AshleyakaFlipper on Vimeo.

2. iLitter / vimeo / @CSaccullo / Viktoria Komova, Aliya Mustafina - Рядом с тобой / BY YOUR SIDE**
Chris gets the Pushing the Envelope Award not just for this video but his videos for the past year and a half. I feel like he really pushes himself as an artist to try something new - like bobbleheads or overlaying the beam on the Brooklyn Bridge. He also pushes me as a viewer to appreciate things that are different, to look beyond the black and white or sepia tone. This video is a perfect example of that.Chris also has an amazing eye for things - I had no clue Aliya and Vika were holding hands before they got on the podium (and he made a picture of Peng Peng Lee as Captain Canada and eventually made a shield for her that she used recently at UCLA!). I loved the Dragon Ball Z effect and my favorite has to be the Viktoria sheep jump orb at 1:05. Great work.

3. TheGymEffect / 2012 Olympics AA. Russia. USA. Teen Idle
4. SuperGymmie / @SuperGymmie / Gymnastics - You make me smile**

The Up and Coming
These guys are getting better and better with each video.
1. kiwigymnast16 / vimeo / @kiwigymnast16
2012 Olympic - I'm On Top of the World**

2012 Olympics - I'm On Top of the World from kiwigymnast16 on Vimeo.

[EDIT 1/2 - To not have so many links on the page, I've removed the links to twitter and theyoutube account but you can still access the video. The first name listed is the youtube username (]
2. DakotaLaand / @usateamfan1 / Jordyn Wieber - Spotlight
3. Fansgymnastic / @fansgymnastic
4. LOVxxE / Viktoria Komova// 2012 Olympics AA final: So Close!
5. E007y / Aly Raisman - Hall of Fame**
6. EmmsDream / @EmmsDream / The Fierce 5 - GOLD FEELING**
7. The "Why Was YouTube Hiding You From Me?" Award goes to uswntgymfan / dailymotion / @uswntgymfan / Intro. London 2012.
I believe I found uswntgymfan on tumblr not youtube. She's a newer account but one of her videos already has over 40,000 views! I've loved ever video of hers since I stumbled upon the first one around the time of her favorite gymnasts birthday. I definitely recommend checking her out, especially if you're an Aliya Mustafina fan. YouTube/Google needs to work on their related searches.

Part 2 can be found here.

What was your favorite montage of 2012?