McKayla Maroney Gets Emotional Thanking Coaches

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McKayla recently tweeted this video. The "Shaytards" are a family that does daily youtube videos and they have 2 girls that are gymnasts at AOGC and performed at their winter showcase. McKayla Maroney was there and had the chance to say thank you to Artur and Galina. "I can't say thank you enough. They've meant the world to me. And I can't wait to get back here and train again because this is my home... I hope I made you guys proud." The showcase starts at 2:47 and it's amusing to watch. They follow their little girls that are in the recreational class and Level 3. It's crazy to think this was how the Fierce Five started or we could be looking at the future Olympic All-Around Champion! McKayla starts speaking at 5:44.