Favorites of 2012

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These are some of my favorite things from 2012. I got into tumblr and used a lot of links from there so make sure to check them out. Also, please don't copy any images and claim them as your own. These images are not my own and the source is posted beneath them. The artists worked very hard so I tried to link to my tumblr or the original poster so you can easily reblog or cite properly. Enjoy!


1. We can start things off with our all-around champion. One of my favorite quotes of the year is from Gabrielle Douglas and is about the crowd gasping on her uneven bar releases.
"I try to make it so high to impress you guys," she said with a giggle. "I hear people (gasp) and I'm like, 'Calm down, I'm going to catch the bar.'"

2. Favorite Floor Choreography: The handstand choreography of Anastasia Grishina's routine. Gif here.

3. Favorite Stag Leaps: Favorites goes to Aliya Mustafina for Arabian to stag and Simone Biles for double layout to stag. Biles' makes my jaw drop every time!

4. Gymnast I Fell in Love with in 2012:


Kyla Ross - I love that Kyla is one of the athletes that you know is capable of sticking her dismount. I love how long her lines are - she has the prettiest bail to handstand on uneven bars and I normally don't enjoy watching that skill. I also love that she connects a lovely switch ring to back tuck on balance beam. Hopefully, she can make the 2013 World team and stay around until Rio.

At Olympic Trials she was the only athlete of the Fierce 5 not to cry but at the Olympics, she was the first one to cry. She even runs to tell Aly after BB to which Aly replies that her goal is to make Kyla cry and Aly laughs when she sees Kyla cry after FX. Other funnies: Kyla cracking up on the podium in Jesolo, and McKayla, Kyla, and Jordyn reacting to something.

5. Another one of my favorite quotes comes from Kyla Ross' dad. Like most gymnasts, Kyla is very competitive and this also applies in the classroom. Because of this, I dubbed Kyla Ross #tigergymnast: Dad, Jason Ross, said, "She’s just so competitive. It doesn’t matter if it’s gymnastics or if it’s school. She would come home from school and say, ‘This girl got a better grade than me’ and Kyla got a 98. She just always wants to win."

6. Favorite Floor Routine: Victoria Moors - The Canadian athlete who nearly always sticks her double double. The athlete that reminds you that you can be powerful and graceful at the same time. The athlete that brings the joy back in watching floor exercise.

Honorable Mention to Sabrina Vega

7. Funniest Gif: Did you notice Aliya and Ksenia Afanasyeva talking to Maria Paseka during Team Finals? I believe this gif was made before Alexander Alexandrov, Russia's former head coach, was fired and everyone was pointing fingers at both Alexandrov and Aliya. Check it out here.

8. Another favorite quote: Aliya's temper could give you a heart attack! Aliya's dad warned Alexandrov before he took her on. "Alka has a very difficult temper, she is very stubborn. When I brought Alka to Alexandrov, I have warned him: "Listen Sergeyich, my girl has got a temper. You'd better stock up on validol (sedative), otherwise a heart attack is guaranteed for you."
He laughed and answered: 'Never mind, I will cope.'"

9. Great Teammate Moments: The awards this year have to go to Aliya Mustafina and Aly Raisman. Aliya quickly found Vika after she performed on floor exercise in the all around final and didn't let her go until Viktoria's score was posted. As much of a "diva" Aliya may or may not be, we can't deny that she cares deeply for her teammate.

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The award is shared with Aly Raisman. I have no clue what Aly said in this moment but just seeing her talk to Gabby and calm her before balance beam gave me chills. I can see it now, "You can't think like that. You got this, ok?"

I think this picture is so amazing. She lowers her head while keeping her eyes on the achievement she's worked her whole life for source

10. To round the year out, Arabian Punch Front done by Miss Aly Raisman in floor event finals. This pass never ceases to amaze me. Gif can be found here

See you in 2013!