Montage Monday

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There are 3 montages in this week's Montage Monday. Vika & Aliya, Andreea Raducan, and one of Rebecca Bross, Sarah Finnegan, Sabrina Vega, and Elizabeth Price, and the dynamic between the gymnast and the coaches.

This is a fabulous edit by Chris of the friendship between Russia's Viktoria Komova and Aliya Mustafina. He tried a few different effects and I really liked how it turned out. Viktoria's sheep jump looks like it's in an orb that protects all things fragile and beautiful. Aliya has sparks firing from her hands, which goes well with the drama that she normally creates with her performances. Chris also uses a cartoon-esque effect which I really like. Vika has shared the video on her VK :) Congrats Chris!

Viktoria Komova, Aliya Mustafina - BY YOUR SIDE from CSaccullo on Vimeo.

Here's a video of Andreea Raducan. It starts off with her epic fist pump after her 2000 All-Around floor exercise then continues on to highlight more of her Olympic experience. It focuses on a lot of the positive so you'll enjoy the stuck landings and smile along with her and a young Belu and Bitang.
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I really love this montage by Ashley. It features 4 gymnasts who had a decent shot of making the US Olympic team but didn't. My favorite part is at 2:40 and on, when you get to see the reaction of the coaches. It's so sweet to see how much these relationships are like family. The Strauss' reactions to Elizabeth Price's performances at Trials are priceless and were captured beautifully.
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