Montage Monday: Viktoria Komova

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This week's Montage Monday features Viktoria Komova. There were so many great montages so I could only embed a few. Hope you enjoy!

Viktoria Komova - Only Human
Song: Thriving Ivory - Flowers for a Ghost
"Who will bring me flowers when it's over?" This montage was made by SuperGymmie and opens with her crying for both of her all around performances at 2011 Worlds and 2012 Olympics but she is only human, as the title states. Rather than focusing on her errors, it goes on to highlight why she's such an amazing gymnast and that she's a beautiful gymnast on all events which is rare to see these days. This montage made me realize how much she's grown and matured since 2011 Worlds and all we can hope is that she continues to do so and that, someday, the odds may be in her favor.
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Viktoria Komova ~ Proud
Song: Instrumental + Stop Crying Your Heart Out by Oasis
This montage is great. It feels like there are 2 parts to it with the instrumental at the beginning for Olympic qualifications and team final and the Oasis song for the all around, and Vika's event finals - uneven bars and balance beam - starting at 2:20. Unfortunately, Viktoria did not have the Olympics she was hoping for and this song is very well suited to the situation. 'Cause all of the stars have faded away, Just try not to worry, you'll see them some day." She is already training and has put the Olympics behind her. Hopefully, we see a healthy and confident Viktoria for 2013 Worlds.
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Viktoria Komova//London Olympics 2012: Sheer Elegance!
LOVxxE made 2 really lovely Viktoria Komova montages. I recommend you watch them both. They use the audio from different commentators and highlight her all-around performances. If you love Viktoria Komova, you will likely love these 2 montages. The 1st montage of the 2 is 2012 Olympics AA final: So Close!
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Viktoria Komova - Wonderful Classic Style
: Your Song by Ellie Goulding
Fansgymnastic did this montage and it took me a little bit to get used to the different style of editing but this montage won me over with the song. I like that it acknowledges Komova's disappointments without overpowering her achievements. You see it all - her tears and her smiles and this montage makes you take this journey with her.
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Viktoria Komova - Amazing
Song: Amazing - Amazing by Jem
This one was done by kiwigymnast16 and also took some time to get used to the editing but I really liked it. This montage goes a bit further back to the time when I first fell in love with Vika at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games. It goes on to the tough time at Worlds but her accomplishments at the Olympics with some training and competitions as a youngster scattered throughout.
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Other Videos
Viktoria Komova - Beautiful Ride - This is another great montage by CSaccullo. All of her performances throughout the Olympic Games are in this montage and I love that you get to see the smiling side of Vika.

Vera Kolesnikova & Viktoria Komova - Mother and daughter - I strongly recommend that you check out this montage. I didn't know much about Komova's mom other than the fact that she was a gymnast and is also able to judge. I like seeing the bits where both of them do similar moves like Vika's back handspring - layout stepout - layout stepout compared with her mother's back handspring - back handspring - layout stepout.

Viktoria Komova - Skinny Love - This is another montage by fansgymnastic of Viktoria Komova. I really enjoyed the opening and how it focused on her Worlds performance. After a training montage, it transitions into her Olympic experience which was rough but reminds you that she is a silver medalist, and that is an accomplishment too.

Victoria Komova / She's like the wind ''Dirty Dancing'' Slim-Vizons ''Best Duo in Gymnastics'' - This montage is a bit odd, I can't lie. The reason I linked to it is because I like how he described the 2 gymnasts - Komova's like a butterfly and Aliya's like a ninja. That phrase really resonates with me. Komova is so light while Aliya's more aggressive but they're both still beautiful, strong, and graceful gymnasts.

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Which montages were your favorite? What's your favorite Viktoria Komova memory?