Montage Monday: Rio 2016 Candidates

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This week's Montage Monday features the future of Chinese, French, and American gymnastics. Take a look at the current juniors and those who are eligible for Rio 2016 in those 3 countries.

This video has gone around featuring Chinese contenders for Rio 2016 by HuangQiushuangFan. I think my absolute favorite from this video is Huang Huidan and Zeng Siqi is growing on me. The other athletes featured are Shang Chunsong, Tan Jiaxin, Lou Nina, and Yi Liting. I'm curious to see who will still be around from the 2012 team for China in 2016. Both Sui Lu and Huang Qiushuang just missed on making the 2008 team so they will be around 24 years old come 2016 as will Deng Linlin. Yao Jinnan will likely want to redeem herself and He Kexin is retiring within the next year. China may have an all new squad come 2016 and these athletes seem to be the ones that China is focusing on developing.
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There is also a video of some of the French juniors to keep our eyes open in the coming years. They're 2016 eligible and a lot of gymnasts are featured in the video. These are the results of France's National Championships earlier this year. I have included the year of birth, and their highest scoring event with the D-score.
Maëlys Plessis (1997, BB - 13.750, 5.3 D)
Valentine Pikul (1997, BB - 13.650, 5.2 D)
Claire Martin (1998, BB - 13.550, 5.6 D)
Amélie Pauffert (1997, VT - 13.2, 4.4 D)
Emeline Magniant (1998, UB - 12.5, 4.8 D)

The video features these gymnasts with many others. I like that the gymnasts are very clean. There may not be a lot of difficulty but the building blocks seem to be there. Hopefully, this all bodes well for France come Rio 2016. Click the link on youtube and read the description for the names of the other featured gymnasts.
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Ashley (AshleyakaFlipper2) made a montage of USA's juniors and it's amazing. There's an exciting group of juniors coming up for the USA. There are more rumored Amanars and if there's one thing I notice with the video, it's the amazing twisting skills that these juniors have. One of my favorite skills in this video, and amongst the current juniors, is Simone Biles' double layout to stag jump at 2:00. That still blows my mind. If you want to see more of the USA juniors, head over to usagymnasticsorg on youtube for videos from 2012 Junior Nationals (Day 1, Day 2).
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Next week will be Chellsie Memmel Montage Monday. Feel free to comment with your thoughts on these teams or suggestions for Chellsie Montage Monday.

Who do you think will be representing China, France, and the USA come Rio 2016?


  1. As of right this minute, my 2016 Team is: Bailie Key, Simone Biles, Norah Flatley, and for the last two spots im between schennikova/hundley, ohashi/ priessman

  2. Okay, Tan Jiaxin isn't even on the National Team. Her new Hindroff to Gienger is nice but not enough. Lou Nina's performances at Massilia was less than spectacular- as was Li Yiting's vaults and Shang Chunsong's beam at the Asian Champs. Huang and Zeng both need to get more consistent.

    Don't mean to sound so negative, but these are all 16 year olds. Given China's history of WAG selection, that's how old they should be by the Olympics (London was an exception because their fresh seniors were less than prepared; like the US, there are hardly double Olympians). I completely agree with you, Arabianpunchfront- China's probably going to have an all new squad by 2016. It's probably easier to just change those montage names to "Antwerp squads." I do have a bit more faith in Yao Jinnan and Zeng Siqi, though.

    As for the US, I'm crossing my fingers for Bailie Key and Polina Shchennikova. But that's the most I'd dare predict for RIO.

  3. I reckon all the juniors at Texas Dreams have a shot! Bailie, Nica, Grace and Ragan. Let alone Norah, Laurie, Nia, or a specialist spot... or who knows! very exciting to see.