Mexico Gala: One Full Routine and Favorites

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The Gala de Estrellas Mexico 2012 has wrapped up and the athletes are returning home. Ciciginastica has made a playlist with many of the routines. You can check out a live tweet of the gala @ArabianPF_blog. Overall, the athletes look to be in great condition. Ana Lago, Elsa Garcia, and Marisela Cantu of Mexico all looked to be in great form. Ana and Elsa even did a few dances together and showed off their lovely lines. As much as we enjoy athletes on the beam rather than dancing around it, Elsa had lovely around-the-beam choreo for her beam routine. Aliya Garayeva, a rhythmic gymnast from Azerbijan, had a lovely ring jump at the start of her routine. The height she got was astonishing.

Maria Paula Vargas of Spain was the only one to do a full routine. Here is her floor exercise - 4 tumbling passes, and she seemed to have full dance requirements too. I really enjoyed it. She was also the only athlete to vault doing a Yurchenko timer and full-twisting Yurchenko. Vaults here.
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Marian Dragulescu proved to be entertaining with this floor exercise. The music included We Will Rock You, Michael Jackson's Beat It and, of course, Gangnam Style!
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Links to Rebecca Bross and Catalina Ponor below.

This act on rings with Tommy Ramos (PUR) and Jorge Hugo Hiraldo (COL) was probably most entertaining, especially when Jorge gets on the rings half way through.
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I refuse to think that either Catalina Ponor or Rebecca Bross are finished until we get an official announcement. Cata's beam routine was pretty good. It was watered down but there were difficult skills included. Always love the part of her routine at 1:52.
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For most of us, this is the first time we're seeing Rebecca Bross if you haven't seen the tour. To me, she looks great for having spent 3 months on the road. Here is her floor exercise. Her uneven bars look great. She did a straddled Jaeger, rechalked, then finished with her normal dismount.
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Which acts were your favorite?