Montage Monday: More Olympic Montages

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New Announcement for Montage Monday: There have been so many great montages recently that I've had a hard time featuring them all and organizing them. From now on, I'll try to alternate themed Montage Mondays with regular Montage Mondays featuring the best videos for the past two weeks. I am more than happy to receive input from you guys for Montage Monday even if it's your own video, don't be shy. Feel free to email me suggestions at

Next week's Montage Monday, Oct 22, will be Jordyn Wieber. November 5 will be Viktoria Komova.

Olympic Event Finals Montage
kiwigymnast16 has made a montage focusing on event finals to the song Undefeated by Jason Derulo.  There were some falls but, overall, it focuses on the positive of event finals. The montage had me smiling the entire time. There are clips of the gymnasts dancing and Ksenia Afanasyeva's choreography fits particularly well with this song. Clips are also matched well to the lyrics "I can't change the past no matter how hard I try" with McKayla's fall on vault, "this might be my last chance" with Beth Tweddle on bars, and "even gravity can't keep me down" to Gabby's sky-high straddled Tkatchev. Watch it!

Watch here or below:

McKayla Maroney - Round and Round. kiwigymnast16 also gets a mention for an amazing McKayla Maroney video. I like how McKayla's floor routine choreography is put to match the lyrics and beat of the song. It also reminds you that McKayla is a great vaulter but also a decent all arounder. Probably what I liked the most was being reminded how amazing her 2011 Worlds Team Final vault was. I know the judges don't want to see straight up and straight down but McKayla got such amazing height on that vault, it's breathtaking! Keep watching to see how she mixes McKayla's 3 Olympic vaults.

McKayla Maroney - Round and Round from kiwigymnast16 on Vimeo.

Event Finals. I Keep Waiting. Ashley has also made a great montage of event finals. This one has more of the negative and positive in every event. Near the end, there's a lot of Aly Raisman, with reason. You can't help but wait with her as the inquiry if filed and smile with her as she hugs Mihai. Ashley did a great job capturing the emotional moments and stringing them together well. Watch here.

The montage of Ashley's that I'd like to feature is "Fierce 5. Imagine the Fire." I really wanted to feature this montage in Epic Montage Monday because it's amazing but it had some issues with youtube copyright so it is now on vimeo. Although this montage is about the Fierce 5, it highlights USA vs. Russia throughout team finals. I love the way that McKayla's vault was highlighted. My sister hadn't seen much of the Olympics but then her jaw dropped with the judges when she saw that clip. I also really like how the showdown on beam was shown - comparing the same elements, contrasting the wobbles. This is probably one of my favorite Olympic montages.

Fierce Five Imagine the Fire from AshleyakaFlipper on Vimeo.

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Which video is your favorite? Any suggestions for Jordyn Wieber Montage Monday?