Montage Monday: McKayla, "McKyla," and Gabby

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Another Montage Monday!

McKayla Maroney. Impressed
This one is by AshleyakaFlipper2 and for McKayla Maroney. McKayla's already tweeted this video, that's how good it is. The video starts with McKayla prepping for TF vault, then gives you a little flashback of her childhood, and Olympic Trials - her journey to the Olympics and to that vault. It reminds you how amazing she is at vaulting but also that she is a decent all-arounder. Throughout the video, I was impatiently waiting for McKayla's TF vault and when it came, I had chills. Ashley did an excellent job building the anticipation and using all the different camera angles to build even more tension. It's amazing!

Watch here or below:

McKayla and Kyla. Count on Me.
There's a really cute video of the "McKyla" friendship. I don't usually like videos with pictures in them but this one is so well done with the right mix of pictures and videos. Of course, my favorite clip of Kyla crying after BB and McKayla rushing to hug her is in it. Pulls on your heart a little. :)
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Gabrielle Douglas - Hate it or Love It (Breezy Remix)
Chris Saccullo and D. Santos have made another video tribute to Gabby Douglas. It's to Hate It or Love It by Game ft. 50 Cent. It's amazing how far she's come in that year from the disaster that was 2011 US Nationals to 2012 Olympic All-Around Champion. There's a really funny clip with Steve Penny in it that made me die laughing. Good choice, Chris and D.

Watch here or below:

I think there's one coming up to Aly Raisman soon and the video with just audio is here and I really really like the rap - "most underrated to most decorated". Chris has some advice for those trying to get their videos on youtube without it getting blocked. Use lots and lots of colors! All I can think of when I look at this is Aliya's eye makeup but that's besides the point...

Photo belongs to Chris Saccullo
Thank you! Clicking pic takes you to original tweet where you can enlarge photo

I think next week will be Jordyn Wieber week since a lot of good montages have been made for her and her Olympic journey. Hold tight!

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