Kellogg's Tour: Best Dancer

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McKayla pronounced herself best dancer in a video that NBC did of the 2011 World Champions. Then, she confirmed it when we saw that she could actually Dougie (can be found here). The Kellogg's Tour seems to have brought out the dancer in all of the gymnasts, including the boys.

There's just one issue. Jordyn Wieber has some really good shuffling skillz! Check out this video from the Kellogg's Tour. Kyla also makes an appearance and I imagine this is what the Russians would look like if we also asked them to shuffle - upright posture and pointed toes throughout. Maroney and Aly come into view with Rebecca Bross behind them and Gabby in front of them. It all looks like fun! So, McKayla can Dougie, Jordyn can shuffle...

Watch it here or below:

However, Anna Li may take the cake for best dancer. She can move! Anna said on GymCastic Episode 3 that she's really taken to dance on the tour - both the hip hop and lyrical. She would even consider trying out for So You Think You Can Dance after she had enough experience. This will all wait, of course, until she sees how her neck is healing and what her future in gymnastics will be.

Watch here or below [to orient you: Anna Li front and center, Nastia behind her with Rebecca Bross to the right and Alicia Sacramone and Julie Zetlin (I think, the tall one, rhythmic gymnastics) to the left. Jordyn is behind Julie, Chellsie Memmel is behind Rebecca Bross and McKayla peeks out behind Nastia.]

Who do you think is Team USA's Best Dancer? My money is on Anna Li.

And if you want a good laugh, here's a blooper video of the Fierce 5. And, in case you weren't sure, the KFC YUM! Center is in Louisville, Kentucky.

Watch here or below:

Another video. Aly and Jordyn speaking in British accents! Watch here or below:


  1. McKayla hands down

  2. Anna is a natural! I thought she had tons of experience from jazz lessons or something, but it looks like she just had that beat down!

    She also tweeted a pic of her awesome tattoo lately: its the word "Believe" with the "li" in bold for her last name.

    she seems like a cool person to know :)


    you know what's unnatural? the level of sassy charisma displayed by one McKayla Maroney. that girl is a homeschooled 16y old, where and when did she pick that up?!