Russia Update Part 2

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Some more videos were just uploaded of the women training in Mallorca. Anna Dementyeva, who looks to have grown a lot, seems to be training her Onodi to beat jump or another connection. Tatiana Nabieva is looking really strong. We don't see her doing too much in the video but her twisting form has not changed at all.

Watch here or below:

Many have been waiting for video of Vika and Musty. Here, we have video of Viktoria Komova. She seems to be training a full out. This could also just be a drill for her double double dismount on bars. Mustafina is also seen doing some bars.

Watch here or below:

There is also a translated interview with Alexander Alexandrov by Rewriting Russian Gymnastics. He has a lot of insight on the Olympics. Some notable things: he doesn't blame the judges too much for Vika's silver. Rather, he thinks it was her mistakes on vault that caused the problem. Ksenia Afansyeva had only been able to train properly for 1 month before the Olympics due to the ankle injury sustained at Russian National Championships. Also, he blames Grishina's coach for her performance and says that she was not put on beam in team finals because she was losing confidence. It's interesting to see that Russia had already claimed the "troika" - Aliya Mustafina, Viktoria Komova, and Anastasia Grishina. However, time was not on their side with injuries for all 3 and Komova's growth spurt.