Readers' Choice: Results of Team USA Leos

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Some surprising results! Thanks for voting! Here was the original post

Three Least Favorite Leos

Third Place with 10 votes - I think it's here because most agree with me - it's nice that it's patriotic but it's not a flattering leo.

Second Place with 23 votes - This was neck and neck with number one for a while. The viewers have spoken: we're done with hot pink!

First Place with 29 points - Surprised this beat out the hot pink! Guess we're not ready for metallic colors yet!

Three Favorite Leos

Third Place - tie with 7 votes!

Second Place with 29 votes - I think we can agree that the leotard looked nicer at the Olympics than on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

First Place with 44 points - Patriotism wins!

All photos property of John Cheng for USA Gym

Thanks for voting! I was planning on doing Team China but it's hard to find pictures. I might do Russia throughout the year/quad next.

Note!I have exams coming up so I likely won't post until mid-October unless something drastic comes up and I can't resist posting (which is entirely possible).