Montage Monday

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Three great montages! Two of all of gymnastics (not country specific) and one of McKayla Maroney with an original rap. Make sure to check them out.

Another great Olympic montage for gymnastics! The video is called "The emotions and beauty in gymnastics at the Olympics 2012." This one highlights some lows and highs of the games. At one particular point, the video editor did an excellent job landing the vaults exactly with the music. I also really liked the portions of overlay - Jordyn crying with Aly waiting, Team USA saluting with Vanessa Ferrari on floor. There were also moments that made me smile from ear to ear, like when we see Sandra Izbasa grinning widely with Gabi Dragoi when she finds out she won gold on VT. Watch the montage. It'll make you feel good about the Olympics.

Watch here or below:

SuperGymmie is back making montages again. She's done a whole series of event final montages so make sure to check them out on her channel. I really like this "Gymnastics Step Up Mashup." Like the event finals montages, this one is to a techno beat. I really like the opening and how the floor choreography is done to the music and the segment of hit vaults and floor passes. Reminds you how amazing this sport is!

Watch it here or below:

CSaccullo/iLitter was at it again with D.Santos. This is the 3rd collaboration between Saccullo and Santos and it is amazing! This montage features McKayla Maroney and fits well with her current injury but also her highs and lows at the Olympics. The chorus of the song "Fly" by Nicki Minaj ft. Rihanna is used and Santos makes an original rap in honor of Maroney. The editing is fabulous and the lyrics are on point

Stuck the landing and the crowds in awe.
Deserved a perfect score it was free from flaws.
The whole wide world knew you was raw...

Your teammates cheered as the win was near
You set the tone and you cleared the fears

Thank you McKayla
for showing us that no matter how much they try to break us down
we can rise above it
and turn all our negatives
into positives

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