A Little Russia Update

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Russia has made available a virtual tour of Round Lake/Lake Krugloye. The pictures are great quality and you get to go through the different parts of the gym. It's amazing! I believe Grishina and Komova are on beam. There's a picture of Ksenia Semenova with Ksenia Afansyeva. There's also a picture of the girls in their classroom, reminding you that these amazing athletes are still just teenagers. Check it out here. When you get to the site, something pops up - the top option is for the women's team and the bottom is for the men.

It's unclear to me if the entire women's team is training in Mallorca (videos of Mustafina and team may be loaded in the coming days) but there is video of the Russian men. Video can be found here.

There is also video of Maria Paseka training a Khorkina II (or Markelov) in to a direct Gienger. 2012 Olympic Uneven Bar Bronze Medalist Beth Tweddle also did this combination. With the new Code of Points valuing connected release moves, I have a feeling we'll see more Tweddle-esque routines in the next 4 years.

Watch here or below:

In case you don't remember Maria Paseka's bar routine during Team Qualifications. Here it is:


She has a beautiful smile and was such a good sport about scratching bars.