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I've had a hard time deciding which one of the Team USA Olympic leotards is my favorite. I think they're all just average, to be honest. None of them were as bad as I thought they would be based on pictures from camp or Sports Illustrated. Seeing a leotard in motion and seeing a picture are apparently two very different things! My thoughts are below as well as the thoughts of a few tweet buddies and another gymnastics blog. You'll get to vote at the end to let us know what was Team USA's best and worst leotard!

Podium training leo - we all panicked when we saw the pink! It was just podium training though and I think the pink leos with the pink layout of the floor really pumped up the girls. For that reason, and the fact that it was podium training, I'm fine with this leo.

Team Qualifications - blue/purple was worn. If we're calling that blue then I'm glad they chose to wear one of the colors. I don't quite get the design but I like how the mesh wasn't sheer.

@DoubleDoubleGym Blog - My fav was the day 2 EF because it made use (finally) of the flag and my least fav was quals because of the lack of national colors!

Team Finals - this was the Sports Illustrated leo and turned out to be much prettier than I was expecting. This was definitely a leo that looked better in action then just in a photo.

AA EF - I thought it was cute that both Aly and Gabby matched but I don't quite understand the leo. Someone please explain what that design is!

VT/BB EF - both McKayla Maroney and Gabby Douglas wore this leo to an event final. The leo looks pretty on both of them but the leo is also cursed! Maroney fell on vault and Gabby had 2 major errors on balance beam.

@brichardson84 - "2nd least fav was the white leo McKayla wore for VT and Gabby wore for beam - 1 it was a repeat of the TF, and 2- "

@LTAGymnastics "My favorite was Aly's and Jordyn's for floor finals and my least favorite was McKayla's for vault finals just hate white leos!"

UB - Gabby wore this silver leo in uneven bar event finals. Honestly, this was probably my least favorite leo. I know a lot of people love it, but I had a hard time getting past the shine. Look at the picture - the floor is reflecting on her torso!

@brichardson84 - "Least- the silver one Gabby wore for bars EFs- it was just WAY too shiny, and a repeat of the AA."

FX - I'm really torn with this leo. Compared to the picture we saw from camp, it looks a lot better live and in motion. On the other hand, I thought that it didn't complement the gymnasts' physique that well. I'm glad they wore it given all the rap the US delegation (not just gymnastics) has gotten for not being patriotic enough (gray warmups on the podium?). The vault routine said: "Have to say that the US flag leo is not so bad from a bit away. Up close, though, and I fear I may go into a seizure." It's cool that, when you're close up, it seems to stretch with their body but it's also a dizzying effect.

@brichardson84 - "Fav - the flag leo Aly and Jo wore for EFs, because it was red, white, and blue."
Team China coming next.

In the end, though, I wish that Team USA wore Kyla Ross' leo. That was the nicest leo for me!
Now, time for you to vote on Team USA's Olympic Leos! Vote for 1 favorite and 1 least favorite leo.

All pictures are from John Cheng for USA Gymnastics. Team China will be next! Any comments/thoughts on the leos are welcome!

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  1. Ugh... okay. This is my full analysis.
    Podium Training - Thank God this was just for Podium like you said! I am so sick of the hot pink. Way over done. Imagine how much that leo clashed with the arena? When I first saw it I thought "Hot Pink Sparkling Pot Leaf." Idk why. I was hoping this was the last we saw of the hot pink, but obviously AC2013 proved me wrong.

    Qualifications - Basically just a purple version of Podium leo but I prefer this one. You can see the design on the front more clearly. While it was nice, it wasn't nice enough for a Final. So I'm glad they picked it for Prelims.

    Team Final - SI didn't do this any justice. So much better on TV then on the cover. Probably my favorite but GK needs to cool it with the crystal use.

    AA - I'm not sure what the design is supposed to be either. I look at this leo and think it would make a nice sweater lol. I think it works better on someone like Aly who is a bit curvier then Gabby. I like the color, even though I'm not sure if its suppose to be pink or purple. The sleeve detail is great! We don't see that very often.

    VT and BB Final - Basically just a white version of TF. I liked it, it didn't seem as over the top as TF. But its definitely cursed. Burn it.

    Gabby UB - NO! NO! NO! I hated this. Metallic does not work with Mystique.

    Aly and Jordyn BB/FX - I have a love/hate relationship with this. I like that its patriotic. But its not universally flattering for all gymnasts. It makes gymnasts like Jo and Aly (who are already very muscularly built) look boxy and wide. I'm glad we got at least one red, white and blue leo however.

    I think the leo Aly modeled for GK, that had the flag going across it in crystals would have been perfect for Team Final!