The Olympics Are Over. Now What?

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Now that the Olympics are over, what have the athletes been up to? Most have been doing endless interviews, making endless appearances, throwing out first pitches at baseball games, and enjoying their time in the limelight. Now, many of the US athletes are training for the Kellogg's Tour of Superstars.

You know what else the athletes have been up to?


Here's a collection of tweets from after the Olympic Games.

Actually, let's look at before the Olympic Games started. The Russians showed their voracious appetites in this picture of them eating cheesecake. Each girl even had her own slice. I'm sure they tasted delicious! Ksenia Afansyeva's face tells it all: "Why are you taking my picture with a cake when I can't eat any of it?" To which I say, "Let them eat cake (after the Olympics)!"

Then, after the Games, we had quite a few tweets from the gymnasts about the food they were eating. Tori Moors started us off. I can't believe what she was eating either!

John Orozco got the side salad! My mistake...

The Bronx hath taught him well!

Maybe Tori Moors and John ate together because Tori got the dessert! Mmmm indeed!

After floor finals, Jordyn splurged a little bit too. Chocolate!

In my opinion, Aly is actually doing the best job representing herself. She's been on the red carpet, thrown out the first pitch for the Red Sox, and has been impressive overall in the way she's carried herself and improved her excitement while speaking. One day, though, Aly needed a break from it all and just wanted some cake!

That's 700 pounds of cake by the way.

But no one can defeat John Orozco - 2012 US National Champion and cake eater extraordinaire!

And, just like in gymnastics, it's important to start at a young age!


You know what happens after all that cake? Food coma!

(John Orozco at Kellogg's Tour rehearsal via McKayla's twitter)

This will probably be the first and last post of it's kind until Rio 2016. That is, after Rio 2016. Happy eating!

Thanks @tripletwist, @JordynAlyMack, and anyone else for sending pics to me!

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