Montage Monday - Fierce Five and Ivana Hong

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Three videos in this one. They're all just that good :) 1 of the Fierce 5 using Visa footage, one of the Fierce 5 at the games, and one of an elite gymnast now a college sophomore.

First off, I'd like to introduce you guys to GymnastGirl892 on youtube (or on twitter). She's been cranking out the videos and recently made a new one to the song "Sail" by AWOLNATION. I knew I had heard the song before and Sonya Tayeh had used it to choreograph a piece for the introduction show of So You Think You Can Dance. The video can be found here. I believe the 2 dancers are trained in jazz (correct me if I'm wrong!). Don't you wish the SYTYCD choreographers could help the gymnasts out a little bit. Just a thought! Either way, GymnastGirl892 has a montage of the Fierce 5 using performances from Visa Championships. The gymnast moments go well with the rise and fall in the music. Great work!

Watch the video here or below:

Then, in the recommended videos, I spotted this beauty of Ivana Hong. Ivie was the 2009 US National Champion on beam and the 2009 World Balance Beam bronze medalist. She tore her ACL in 2010, decided to retire and focus on a college gymnastics career. Ivie now competes for Stanford. GymnastGirl892 did another great montage, this time of Ivie's gymnastics when she was younger (pigtails and all!) to her elite days and college competitions. It's a great video that gives me chills and highlights the careers of a great gymnast.

Watch below or here

Last but not least, we have the amazing iLitter. You can check out my interview with him here. I think this might be my favorite video of his. This one is of the Fierce 5 and is perfect. I've never smiled and laughed so much in one montage. It's perfect in every way!

Watch below or here