The Big 3 - Part 3

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Sandra Izbasa

Romania could not be more loaded on floor. I'll never get over this, their Olympic lineup:
Catalina Ponor - 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist on Floor
Sandra Izbasa - 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist on Floor
Larisa Iordache - 2012 European Gold Medalist on Floor
Diana Chelaru - 2010 World Silver Medalist on Floor
Diana Bulimar - 2010 Youth Olympic Games Silver Medalist on Floor

The first 3 listed above - Ponor, Izbasa, and Iordache - are probably the 3 that will be used in team finals and also the 3 who will battle it out for the 2 spots in the floor exercise final. Romania recently had a friendly meet where they revealed new music as well as some new choreography done by Adriana Pop. In my opinion, one is fast and energizing while the other two are slow and more expressive. Here they are and you decide for yourself. There's a very good chance one of these 3 will be our new Olympic Floor Champion.

Personally, I'd be fine with any of the 3 choices. I'm leaning towards Iordache + Ponor though as my selection to make it to finals. It will be interesting to see if the defending floor exercise champion, Sandra Izbasa, can even make it into the finals!

Of note, Larisa Iordache appears to have a sore heel. From what I could find, she has plantar fasciitis (based on unconfirmed tweets) which is "just" inflammation in her heel. She's been training lightly and didn't do any vault or floor today (via gymnastike). She is Romania's best chance for a medal so I imagine they will do what they can to make sure she can perform.

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Watch Sandra Izbasa's FX to Pink Floyd here or below. 6.5 D-score:

Watch Catalina Ponor's routine to "Fever" here or below:

Watch Larisa Iodache [pronouced your-DOCK-ee] here or below:

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