The Big 3 - Part 2

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Perhaps one of the biggest Big 3 rivalry exists in Russia between 2010 World Champion Aliya Mustafina, 2011 World Vice Champion Viktoria Komova, and new senior Anastasia Grishina.

Uneven Bars
The Russians are known for having impeccable form and a breathtaking fluidity on the uneven bars. Both Mustafina and Komova have 7.0 SV while Grishina has a 6.8, although Russia seems to have a few tricks up her sleeves. Barring error, it is entirely possible for these 3 gymnasts to be the best in the world after qualifications. Sadly, only 2 of these athletes can make it to UB final. I have my own personal bias towards Komova and Grishina. Mustafina tore her ACL and has been working on bars since she was allowed to train, albeit modestly. She is training fully now and has recovered her entire UB routine including her breathtaking high bar to low bar and back to high bar transition. However, Mustafina is aggressive in her bar work. She still has the fluidity but, in my eyes, Komova and Grishina have something extra. They are both able to fly.

Watch Aliya's bar routine here or below

Watch Vika's routine here or below

Watch Grishina's routine here or below:

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  1. as much as I love Grishina I think Vika and Aliya are better than her (although she's definately great too) and I see Alexandrov replacing her with one of the other 2 if she qualifys while one of the others falters