Notes on Subdivision One

4:28 AM Arabian Punch Front 1 Comments

Tried to do a live blog but it was an epic fail. I'll just do recaps afterwards.

Of note
Elsa Garcia injured her fingers so she only competed on beam and floor. She did her double Arabian dismount on beam (landed in a low squat) and a double layout on floor but took a big step to the side.

Vasiliki Millousi is currently 1st on BB (14.336)! She was strong throughout with 2 small wobbles and 2 steps back on her double pike dismount.
Kristyna Palesova had an excellent UB performance and is currently 1st on UB with a 14.133.

Ana Sofia Gomez (GUA) stayed calm throughout and did well in the all around. She has a score of 56.132. She's in 2nd on BB, behind Millousi,  with a 14.333.

Daiane dos Santos is currently 1st on FX with a 14.166. She had a 5.8 D-score I believe and I would be very pleased if she snuck into the FX final.

Daniele Hypolito had a fall on her last pass on floor exercise. She just barely made it to being Brazil's 2nd AAer, provided her score holds. She is currently in 5th with a 52.732.

Yamilet Pena sat her double front but definitely landed feet first. She was given credit for the skill. Pena has also upgraded her 2nd vault to a DTY and it was very nice! Most countries would love to have a clean DTY like hers. It was a little piked down in the end and she had a step to the side, but she was straight throughout and had a controlled landing.

Leos: Dorina Boczogo wore Ana Porgras' 2011 Worlds leo. Brazil looked lovely in a blue long sleeve, with mesh at the top, and a blue and green swirl going from one shoulder. So well done! Yamilet Pena wore a leo I think we've seen her in but in Dominican Republic's colors - blue and red. It was a blue leo with a red ribbon and had the flag on her sleeve.

My notes on the subdivision are below.

Rotation One:
MG 2 on VT:
Elsa Garcia, MEX: VT1, VT2 - didn't compete :(

Ana Sofia Gomez Porras, MEX - nice DTY!

MG 6 on UB
Jonna Adlerteg, SWE- toe on full, straddled Tkatchev, Jaeger,double layout off with a little leg separation. missed the beginning!

Heo Seen Mi, KOR - clear hip to high, clear hip full, Tkatchev, pak, couldn't cast up to handstand, tries again, falls over, back to high, toe-on full, giant 1/2, Markelov caught a little sideways, a little leg separation on double layout disount. Not the routine she was expecting I'm sure.

MG 1 on BB
Dorina Boczogo, HUN - tail end, saw her beautiful mount, switch ring with a little balance issues, double tuck dismount

Brazil on FX:
Daiane dos Santos, BRA - full twistind dbl layout, whip-whip-double tuck, nice leap series, double pike, Where's my Dos Santos? She's happy with her score.

Rotation 2
Brazil on VT

MG 2 on UB
Gaelle Mys, BEL- missed, double front dismount with 1 step

Ana Sofia Gomez, GUA - starts on low bar, toe-on giant, Ray to high bar, stalder full, Gienger - did her coach touch her?, toe-on half to straddled Jaeger, bail to low, shoot to high, toe-on full, full twisting dbl tuck dismount

Elsa Garcia, MEX

MG 6 on BB
Vasiliki Millousi, GRE - roundoff, layout stepout onto the beam,  side aerial-switch split-back tuck, sheep jump, lovely so far! side somi to signature move :) switch ring, little wobble, split leap-wolf jump, front aerial-bhs-loso, small balance on front aerial but stays confident, full turn, double pike w/2 steps back but otherwise great!

Valeria Pereyra, ARG - missed the beginning, L turn, hips over so she wobbles, split leap-wolf, side aerial-misstep and adjusts, missed her footing on her dismount, does double twist straight to her knees

MG 1 on FX

Rotation 3
MG 1 on VT
Hiu Ying Angel Wong, HKG - VT1 - 5.2 - Tsukahara full, pretty good! A little piked throughout though.
VT2 - 5.9 - front handspring, front pike half out, trouble with landing - hop back, then kind of rotated out of it as she saluted

Dorina Boczogo, HUN - 1.5TY, her block was off so she lands right on her butt; VT2- front handspring front pike, nicely landed but she's not happy with this at all

Kristyna Palesova, CZE - really nice FTY, straight throughout, high landing, opts not to do a 2nd vault

Yamilet Pena, DOM - VT1 - front handspring double front, no chance. sad! her feet did seem to hit first. let's see if she gets credit. She does! 14.933
VT2  - DTY - pikes down at the ending, and step back but otherwise pretty good!

Brazil on UB

MG 2 on BB
Goksu Uctas, TUR- missed it but her coaches are looking very happy

Ana Sofia Gomez, GUA - roll on mount to scale, back handspring-tuck full, switch split, back pike, switch 1/2 makes it around, front aerial-back tuck good! side aerial. switch side, 2.5 twist dismount with a large step

Elsa Garcia, MEX - missed beginning, punch front, side aerial to side somi, not really connected, front aerial - balance check. Very nice switch ring, Y turn, has trouble getting her leg down, lands Patterson with really low squad

MG 6 on FX

Rotation 4
MG 6 on VT

MG 1 on UB
Krystyna Palesova, CZE - in bar stalder full, Shaposh, staddled Jaeger, bail to handstand, shoot to high, stalder, Tkatchev, winds up to beautiful double layout

Brazil on BB

MG 2 on FX
Ana Sofia Gomez, GUA - 2.5 punch front tuck, switch split full (it was really nice, high, and def a full split), double tuck hop to the side, dramatic music. missed the beginning.

Elsa Garcia, MEX - love this leo and this girl, flirting with her eyes, double layout - not enough height so she lands with chest low and takes a big step tot he side, full in tucked, switch split full - also beautiful, switch ring, nice 1.5 punch front?, stuck double pike! Lovely!

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