Subdivision 3 - Aly and Gabby to AA Final

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Defending World Champion, Jordyn Wieber, won't have the chance to go for gold in the All-Around. Wieber had errors on uneven bars in that same area - the clear hip full. She also had a .1 OOB deduction. With scoring being what it was, Jo wasn't able to pass Gabby in the all around. Gabby had a 60.265 to Jo's 60.032. Aly Raisman was up last on floor and gave the performance of her life. Let's not forget the Aly is the United States best floor worker and she proved it today! She scored a 15.326 for a 60.391 all round score, beating Gabby in the process.

Canada started off exceedingly well on UB. They were anchored by Kristina Vaculik (8th-14.366) and Brittany Rogers (6th-14.5). After that, however, Canada had problems on BB. Tori Moors had errors and Vaculik, meant to be the anchor, fell twice losing her chance at BB EF. Moors will not qualify to the all around final nor will she advance to the floor final (14.1). Britt Rogers (14.483) and Ellie Black (14.336) are currently in 3rd and 4th for the vault finals. Vaculik is currently in 19th place with Russia and Romania still to come. Canada is currently in 4th place.

I didn't get to see much of France but Youna Dufournet fell on the uneven bars losing her chance at event finals and an uneven bar medal for France. France is in 7th place. Aurelie Malaussena is in 13th with a 54.399 and Anne Kujm is in 16th with a 54.098 for the all around final.

Great Britain pleased the home crowd!They are in 2nd place to the US (170.656). Hannah Whelan had a floor on the balance beam and will not make event finals. Rebecca Tunney had an excellent all around performance. She's currently in 5th on UB (4th with the 2 per country rule) with a 14.825.