Olympics Lineup Women's TF

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Team Italy

Asterisk indicates where they are starting. My main reason for pointing out who is doing the AA is so that we can compare scores between qualifications and finals, and also maybe anticipate what's to come in event finals. The teams are in the order they finished during qualifications. USA, China, Great Britain, and Italy will go first on their starting event. They will then alternate with the team listed below them (e.g. USA will start for VT and BB, Russia will start for UB and FX).

*VT: Wieber, Douglas, Maroney
UB: Wieber, Ross, Douglas
BB: Ross, Douglas, Raisman
FX: Douglas, Wieber, Raisman
Comment: The only thing that really changed is that Wieber is out of BB. At trials, she was credited with a 6.3 during Trials but was only was credited with a 6.0 D-score during qualification. Douglas will be doing AA again.

*VT: Mustafina, Komova, Paseka
UB: Grishina, Mustafina, Komova
BB: Mustafina, Komova, Afanaseva
FX: Mustafina, Grishina, Afanaseva
Comment: Mustafina. Vault. I am scared. [Mustafina tore her ACL doing an Amanar, the 2.5 twisting Yurchenko, ending her 2011 season. She just did a double twist in prelims but Alexandrov, Russia's head coach says that she has to do it in order for them to contest with the Americans for gold.] Mustafina is doing the all-around which I find interesting. You'd think they'd want to preserve her knee for the all-around but she scored well and Russia wants team gold.

VT: Deng Linlin, Huang Qiushuang, Yao Jinnan
*UB: Huang Qiushuang, He Kexin, Yao Jinnan
BB: Deng Linlin, Sui Lu, Huang Qiushuang
FX:  Deng Linlin, Huang Qiushuang, Sui Lu
Comment: Interesting that Yao is after He on UB. Thankfully, Yao isn't doing too many leg events. Vault will be tough for her thigh injury but hopefully she's OK. Huang Qiushuang is doing AA.

VT: Iordache, Ponor, Izbasa
*UB: Bulimar, Chelaru, Iordache
BB: Bulimar, Iordache, Ponor
FX: Bulimar, Ponor, Izbasa
Comment: Glad they're using Bulimar on BB and FX! She needs her time to shine. Part of me is wondering why Iordache is doing vault but maybe it's time for the Amanar to come to fruition!

Great Britain
VT: Cairns, Pinches, Tunney
UB: Whelan, Tunney, Tweddle
*BB: Cairns, Pinches, Whelan
FX: Pinches, Whelan, Tweddle
Comment: No one's doing AA! Also, Cairns has proved to be more useful than just on BB.

VT: Tsurumi, Tanaka, Teramoto
UB: Teramoto, Tanaka Tsurumi
*BB: Shintake, Minobe, Teramoto
FX: Shintake, Tanaka, Teramoto
Comment: Teramoto will be doing AA again. Tsurumi will only do VT and UB.

VT: Ferlito, Ferrari, Fasana
UB: Fasana, Ferrari, Campana
BB: Preziosa, Ferrari, Ferlito
*FX: Ferlito, Ferrari, Fasana
Comment: Again, don't understand why Ferrari, who qualified to floor event finals, is before Fasana on that event. Fasana does have a lovely floor, though, so maybe they're hoping Ferrari will increase Fasana's score. Or, perhaps their getting the judges ready for an Italian who could be very important in the next quad. I am, however, excited to see Preziosa on beam again! Ferrari will be doing AA.

Canada [first time qualifying to team finals!]
VT: Pegg, Rogers, Black
UB: Moors, Vaculik, Rogers
BB:  Black, Pegg, Vaculik
*FX: Black, Pegg, Moors
Comment: No one doing AA. Moors will get a chance for redemption and show that she belonged in the floor finals. Vaculik will get to anchor on beam again hopefully getting a high performance and finishing her Olympics on a positive note.