Notes on Subdivision 2

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Italy defeated Australia for 1st place with 168.397. Australia had a few falls and major balance checks on beam for 2nd with 166.721. Brazil has a 161.295.

Italy performed pretty well. Preziosa had a fall on her dismount. Ferrari connected her full in to back tuck. Ferlito had an overall good performance. Erika Fasana really impressed me everywhere (but BB where she had a major error). Vanessa Ferrari and Carlotta Ferlito are currently 1st and 3rd in the AA. Ferrari is in 1st on FX with a 14.9 (6.2/8.7). Ferrari and Ferlito are also 1-2 on BB.

Australia had quite a few troubles. Lauren Mitchell, however, was able to keep calm and ignore what injuries she may or may not have for an excellent floor routine. She's currently in 2nd with a 14.833 (6.3/8.533) and 5th on the balance beam. Emily Little and Ashleigh Brennan are currently 5th and 7th in the AA.

Maksiuta of ISR did not have the best meet. Her best chance of EF was probably on vault but she fell on her first vault. She also had a chance on beam but appeared to injure herself there. She only scored in the 10s.

Giulia Steingruber had an excellent Rudi (front handspring 1.5 twist) but had trouble with her Tsuk. She was piked down and almost had to put her elbow down. She's currently in 2nd with a 13.924 after Yamilet Pena (14.699).

Rina Erceg and Marta Pihan-Kulesza both had pretty good meets but both have one event with scores in the 12s. Pihan-Kulesza of Poland is currently 6th in the all around. She wore a black leo with yellow accents. Her hair had black and yellow braids today and she gave a stunning performance.

Nataliya Kononenko had a chance of qualifying for UB event finals but fell on her Tkatchev 1/2-Jaeger combination. She's currently in 16th and likely will not make the all around finals.

Some notes below

Subdivision 2
MG 4 on VT: Do Thi Ngan Thuong (VIE), Nataliya Kononenko (UKR), Zoi Mafalda Marques de Lima (POR), Valeriia Maksyuta (ISR)
ITA on UB: Vanessa Ferrari, Carlotta Ferlito, Erika Fasana, Elisabetta Preziosa, Giorgia Campana
MG 3 on BB: Marta Pihan-Kulesza (POL), Tina Erceg (CRO), Giulia Steingruber (SUI), Lorena Quinones Moreno (PUR), Maria Homolova (SVK)
AUS on FX:Georgia Bonora, Ashleigh Brennan, Emily Little, Larrissa Miller, Lauren Mitchell

Rotation 1
Mixed Group 4
*Valeria Maksiuta, ISR - oh no! sits DTY! she wasn't all the way around and had leg form issues.
front handspring pike full out - can't tell if she landed OOB but she had a deep squat and took a large step out of the line. Feel so bad, she had a chance of EF.

Uneven Bars
Carlotta Ferlito - nice high straddled Jaeger, clean throughout

Balance Beam
Mixed Group 3
Giuliua Steingruber, SUI- missed beginning. switch split-side somi, bhs-layout to 2 feet, switch 1/2-back tuck, very steady, full turn-wobble. wobble on front aerial but stays on. gainer full off, stuck.

Floor Exercise
[Ashleigh Brennan, AUS - beautiful dbl arabian - sissone
Lauren Mitchell, AUS - whip-arabian dbl front, full in piked chest low and back leg up, can opener good, 2.5 punch front layout, beat jump, dbl pike - sissone. pretty good! i'll bite my tongue.

Rotation 2

Uneven Bars
Mixed Group 4
Nataliya Kononenko, UKR - toe full, Rucna, pak, a little wonky but she makes it, legs separate on Shaposh, full pirouette, Tkatchev 1/2, straddled Jaeger and falls :( remounts and does double front dismount

Valeriia Maksiuta, ISR- 1.5 to straddled jaeger, falls

Balance Beam
Elisabetta Presioza - beautiful, lovely switch ring, front aerial-bhs-loso, Presioza turn :) side aerial with wobble, then does back walkover, stops in scale, and continues, double tuck hands down. nooo!!!!

Floor Exercise - Mixed Group 3
Tina Erceg, CRO - triple twist, lots of sass in this routine, she's actually in a lovely white leo, missed the ending, double pike

Giulia Steingruber, SUI - nice double layout! double tuck. not loving the collar on her leo but what are you gonna do. Y turn, nice dramatic choreography to Carmen, nooo didn't have enough height on 1.5 punch front full, double pike with step to finish

Lorena Quinones, PUR- missed something bc she just did a handstand oob? piked full in, misses split in split full, double twist, nice Spanish beat, waits in the corner like she's Mustafina, does a double pike dismount. oh, she flew out of her double arabian

Rotation 3
Vault - Mixed Group 3
Giuliua Steingruber, SUI (2)- VT 1- 6.3 Rudi - front handspring 1.5 twist, pikes down and hops OOB
VT2 - Tsukahara 1.5 twist, very piked down,

Uneven Bars - Australia
Ashleigh Brennan

Balance Beam - Mixed Group 4
Do Thi Ngan Thuong, VIE- Kyla Ross-esque long side aerial, front aerial-wobble loses connection, bhs-loso, switch split, back tuck. loving her lines. double twist, i think. i blinked haha. sheep jump steps forward out of it. wolf, split, front layout off.

Floor Exercise - Italy

Rotation 4
Vault - Italy

Uneven Bars - Mixed Group 3
Maria Homolova, SVK- 1.5 pirouette, hits low bar, to straddled Jaeger, she misses a handstand and comes off, double pike dismount with a few steps back

Marta Pihan-Kulesza, POL - great meet!!!

Giulia Steingruber, SUI -

Balance Beam - Australia
[Ashleigh Brennan
Lauren Mitchell]

Floor exercise - Mixed Group 4