Favorite Olympic Montage

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My Favorite Olympic Montage. "Have A Little Faith - 2008 Olympic Team"

Watch here or below:

My favorite montage. Of all time. This is probably the montage that inspired me to do (or attempt) "Montage Mondays." It brought me to tears because I smiled with the athletes and cried with them. I felt every emotion just as I had felt it throughout competition. The video editor does an excellent job of matching the clips to the song, and matching the emotion in the clip to the rising emotion in the song. Hence why I was so emotional! After the part with Beijing's Opening Ceremonies (around 2:10), I had chills and goosebumps for the remainder of the video.  It ends with a preview of the next quad and it's interesting to see how things panned out now that the 2012 quad is coming to a close.

Either way, excellent job to our 2008 Olympians and good luck to our 2012 Olympians (all countries, all sports)!

What do you think? What's your favorite Olympic montage?


  1. That's a beautiful montage that made me cry too. What did you think of the opening ceremony?

    1. I enjoyed it but I didn't love it. I REALLY liked the torch concept - having the next generation of GB athletes hug their mentors and then light the torch. I wanted to cry at that moment. I also thought the fireworks were beautiful. Overall, though, it wasn't my favorite. It's hard to follow China too! How about you?