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Qualification results for the Maribor Cup that took place in Maribor, Slovenia can be found here: Gymmin' Miel. Live feed can be found here (Sat) and here on Sunday.

In proper order, UB, BB, FX.

Uneven Bars

Celine van Gerner (NED) - in bar stalder, in bar stalder 1/2, straddled jaeger, in-bar stalder full, bail to low bar, shoot to high, stalder full, full twisting double back. Good routine! 6.2/8.250 = 14.450 (1st)

Adrian Nunes Gomes (BRA) - jump to high, clear hip a little past handstand but pulls it over, bail, toe-on shoot to high, backward giant full, tkatchev, giant 1/2, giant, double front. a little cowboyed but she survived. 5.0/8.150=13.150 (5)

Valeria Pereyra (ARG) (image left)- giant full, giant 1/2, straddled jaeger, hop change, piked jaeger, toe on giant, bail, shoot to high, full twisting double back. made it through the routine well and big hug from coach. Some bent arms but overall pretty good. 5.3/8.3=13.6 (3rd)

Lisa Top (NED) (image right)- CVG is there to help move the springboard. jump to high, toe-on, toe-on full, piked gienger, kip cast to handstand to change grips but she bends her legs in her straddle, straddled jaeger, bail, shoot to high, giants, double pike - stuck or tiniest shuffle. She's super adorable sitting in the kiss and cry. 5.2/7.8=13.0 (6)

Dorina Boczogo (HUN) - kip cast to handstand on low bar, toe on, straddle shoot to high, gienger, tries to change grip and misses handstand, falls off. ad popped up but I saw that she fell again. double pike dismount. I don't have the exact wording of what she did because of the ad but she did a jaeger, to kch pak, immediate stalder 1/2, very mustafina-esque. 5.0/5.9=10.9 (8)

Marta Pihan-Kuleza (POL) - kch, clear hip to high, bail to low, straddled shoot to high, clear hip, clear hip 1/2, straddled jaeger, kch 1/2, giants, giant 1.5 (turns 1/2 than full turn the other way), double front - cowboyed with a step. 5.7/8.3=14.0 (2nd). Just realized that might be the Yamilet Pena leo in pink and white instead of blue and yellow.

Elisa Haemmerle (AUT) - usual leo but in red and white. kinda like it. giant 1/2, forward giant (had to muscle up in straddled position) to jaeger, bail, shoot to high, giant full, giants, double layout a little wild - her legs were open. 4.8/8.075 = 12.875 (7)

Ana Filipa Martins (POR) - in the Ana Porgras leo I believe with a different cut. low bar - clear hip, clear hip shaposh, bail, stalder shoot loses swing a little, giant 1/2, pike jaeger a little close to bar, giant 1/2, giant full, giants, double pike. she's happy. 5.1/8.175=13.275 (4)

Well, maybe the rest will be on tomorrow. Have a good weekend!

Balance Beam
Teja Belak (SLO) - switch split- switch leap (sissone?), front aerial-bhs, side aerial - leg up on landing, side somi, L turn (controlled and then a small wobble at the end of it), running punch front, switch split 1/2, ro-double tuck. she seemed very steady and easy in her routine. 5.5/8.1=13.6 3rd

Yevheniya Cherniy (UKR) - roll on mount, ro-back layout, comes off. switch split-unsteady landing. wolf jump-split jump, front aerial wobbles and comes off quickly. side aerial, full turn? did 1 1/4but straight into choreo, not sure if that was intentional, side somi, ro double pike dismount. In the replay, you see she was almost off the beam on the front aerial. 5.2/6.125=11.325 8th

Ana Filipa Martins (POR) - front aerial, leg comes up and breaks connection, bhs, loso; full turn-Y turn, switch split full?, side-aerial to direct side somi, leans back and comes off, switch split - wobbles, wolf - split leap, ro-double twist. When she does all her aerial skills it looks like she's about to put her hands down. 5.1/6.750=11.850. Don't know why it was so low.. 7th

Adrian Geovana Nunes Gomes (BRA) - front aerial - wobbles and breaks connection - bhs, loso, split leap-wolf, Y turn - little wobble, switch split, pauses, side somi and chest is low bends forward but doesnt come off, sheep jump - ugly, switch straddle 1/2?, ro-double pike, deep landing and small step back. 5.3/7.9=13.2 5th

Katarzyna Jurkowska (POL) - sissone-wolf, side aerial - her legs look really long, switch ring, small check, front-aerial-side somi not sure if they'll count it as connected, L turn - slightly flexed feet at first, front pike with leg held-back layout step out, sheep jump-step back, some wiggly leg choreo, gainer back full dismount. 5.4/8.325=13.725 2nd

The last two leos have made me think it's possible for mesh to look ok as long as the bra strap situation is dealth with...

Celine Van Gerner (NED) - Shawn/Mitchell-esque mount, split leap - switch split - back tuck, almost came off and saved it; ro-back layout, small check, switch split full - not really 180, front aerial-bhs-loso - small balance check, full turn leg at knee, small check, side aerial, switch split 1/2, stuck double tuck dismount! She's very aggressive in a Romanian kind of way. 5.9/7.960=13.850 1st

Dorina Boczogo (HUN) - sky blue velour leo hmmmm.... press handstand - to one hand balance in straddle position, to down on beam, impressive! front aerial-front tuck-back tuck puts hands down, side aerial, side somi, switch split-split, full wolf - not sure it was all the way around and it wasn't very pretty either, L-turn, switch ring - very nice, double tuck dismount, small step back. 5.7/7.475=13.175 6th

Nastassia Marachkouskaya (BLR) - front aerial-bhs step out, side aerial, very tall gymnast, side somi, balance check, L turn, tries to stay on toes and goes a little past 360, front pike off one foot down on two, switch side, almost comes off, split-switch split?, double pike. She gets around quickly and she has to, she's so tall! 5.3/7.9=13.2 4th

Elisa Haemmerle (AUT) - guess she withdrew and Katarzyna performed in her place

Very tough beam judging. Highest e-score was 8.325 to Katarzyna. Dorina Boczogo could have won had she not put her hands down!

Floor Exercise
Merlina Galera (ARG) - I should know this song. switch split full, whip, double pike, double? twist 2nd pass. L-turn hops at last minute. switch split, split full? 3rd pass - double tuck, switch straddle full? Clearly I have some leap learning to do... 4.8/8.075=12.875

Lisa Top (NED) - in the national leo they have become known for, choreo into her position, double arabian almost sticks, tiniest step back. full in tucked, kisses the line but didn't see a flag. 2.5 punch front (tucket), split leap-split full, switch split full, double tuck to finish.  Nice tumbling, Top is very aggressive, but something to be desired in choreo. If she were competing in the Olympics this year, I'd have faith that she could stick every pass. Hopefully, we see more of her! 5.4/8.0=13.4 3rd

Tina Erceg (CRO)- the tiger ice skater leo - nice triple twist! high and airy. 1.5 punch front full. switch split full, turn with leg at knee, another turn, jazzy beat starts. double pike for her 3rd pass, step back. switch ring-switch 1/2, stag leap just because. techno beat. 2.5 twist almost stuck, small step back! Darn good routine I think. Coach is clapping and blows her a kiss as Tina heads over to the kiss and cry. 5.4/8.225=13.625 1st

 Marta Pihan-Kulesza (POL) - red, white, and blue in her hair today. For some reason, I don't mind the mesh. Full twist to 2.5. 2nd pass - double arabian, deep landing but stands. Triple turn with leg at knee but falls out of it a little early. switch split full, switch split 1/2. Another switch split full? fhs-double full. There might be a few errors in this one. 5.5/8=13.5 2nd

Sasa Golob (SLO) - purple leo - Remember the name - switch split 360, double pike, hop back. switch ring - switch split full. front tuck - triple twist, not sure if she wanted to leap out of it or what. switch split 1/2. L-turn. Her music goes silent for a second and people thought she was done. 2.5 twist another unsure leap attempt. I can't tell if she's trying to leap out or if she's just not finishing properly. 4.9/8.050=12.950 6th

Adela Sajn (SLO) - lacey leo, very mature looking, might go in the ice skater category. Double pike - tiniest hop. Triple turn - Canadian style. switch ring, switch split full.  1.5 punch front layout. Classical piece. Another triple turn, maybe a quad? Falls out a little early. 2.5 twist. switch split 1/2. Cute ending, the music slows down, as does she, and then she does her final pose. 5.0/8.075=13.075 5th

Daiane dos Santos (BRA) - sleeveless leo with jewels - smile is on :) - music starts with clapping beat and she claps along - Dos Santos I (piked double arabian) - step back. double layout - step back. hop full turn. switch straddle full. 1.5 to double tuck, maybe OOB. switch split-split full, L-turn,-turn leg at knee, double pike. Yayyy!!!!! Her landings are better but she still hops out of all of them. 5.8/7.450/-.1=13.350. I don't get it!!! Guess that many .3 landing deductions leads to a full point, and since they start at 9 and randomly deduct, 7.45 seems accurate. 4th

Angelina Kysla (UKR) - the white leo with green swirl, 1.5 through to double tuck, falls forward, hands down. Full-in pike, legs a little separated, step. switch ring-switch split full. aerial. 2.5 twist, falls. Y turn. switch split 1/2. In the corner for a minute - double pike - 2 steps forward. She looked like she just didn't care for that last pass. I think her coaches are over at the judges desk. 5.4/5.575=10.975 8th


  1. totally shocked Diane didn't medal but I'm so happy for her start value
    5.8, and she used to compete a double arabian tucked and a Chusovitina, she may has sth to say in floor finals after all

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