Tumblr Tuesday

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Probably one of my favorite tumblr's is Gymnastics Gifs. This site is amazing! They post gifs (essentially animated pictures) of gymnasts from all over, including some NCAA stuff. There's something about a gif that just helps you realize how amazing a skill is or how on point an athlete was for a specific performance. It's updated fairly frequently!

The picture above is of Sarah Finnegan, USA, doing the Mitchell turn, or the can opener as some like to call it. Either way, that is one very pretty can opener! The picture below is of Victoria Moors, Canada, sticking her double twisting double tuck. It's amazing.

The other tumblr I'd like to bring your attention to is Gym Memes run by Bekah of Get A Grip. Go check it out and submit your own to Bekah on twitter @GetAGripGymblog or contact her in the Contact Me section of her website. One of my favorites from that website is below:

Oh, NBC Trio. What will we ever do with you?