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The meet in Jesolo, Italy opened our eyes to a crop of new senior international elites from the USA. Elizabeth Price is one of the 1996 ladies that just turned senior this year. She had an excellent showing at Jesolo placing 6th in the All Around. Perhaps her most exciting result was on vault where she debuted her explosive Amanar to earn 2nd place with a 15.7. On floor, Price boasts a 5.9 D-score with some very powerful tumbling including a double double and a double layout. I had the chance to interview this Olympic hopeful after the last USA National Team Training Camp.

How long have you been at Parkettes?
I've been at Parkettes for 12 years. My coaches are Donna Strauss, Bill Strauss, Robin Netwall, Joe Stallone, and John Holman.

Can you give us a sample of your daily schedule?
I wake up around 7:00am to get ready for gym so I can leave for practice around 7:30am. My dad drops me off around 8:00am and I hangout at the gym until 8:30am, which is when practice starts. I practice until 12:30 and take a break for an hour before starting practice again at 1:30pm. I then practice until about 4:00pm. My mom picks me up from practice, and we normally get home around 4:30 where I relax a little before starting my schoolwork at 5:00pm. I do school until about 7:30 or 8:00pm with dinner in between, so I have time to watch TV and chill out before getting ready for bed by 10:00pm.

Are you in a training group with other gymnasts?
I am currently in a training group with four other gymnasts, three of which are jr. elites and one who is training to be elite this year.

How was training the Amanar?
Training the Amanar was a little difficult at first. It was one of the few skills I've trained that took me a while to get the hang of. But after a lot of training on low, soft landings, I started to gradually work on higher surfaces until I was able to complete the vault at regulation landing height for competition. Watch Ebee's Amanar below or on youtube.

Tell us about your floor routine.
My floor music is called Infiltrado by Bajo Fondo. This music was picked out for me rather than me looking for the floor music. My routine was choreographed by the national team dance instructor, Antonia. Watch her floor routine here.

Are you working on any other upgrades?
Right now I'm just working on improving the execution of my skills rather than the difficulty, so I don't have any upgrades right now.

What do you think your next meet will be?
My next meet will be the Secret Classic.

Who are your role models both in and out of the sport?
I don't really have specific role models. I just look up to everyone who's worked hard and to achieve their goals and become successful.

How do you feel as an African American in a sport that doesn’t have many other African American competitors?
I never really think about being one of the few African Americans in gymnastics. It doesn't bother me in any way. I feel it kind of makes me unique because its one way I'm not like all the other gymnasts in the sport.

Do you think you want to compete in college?
I plan on doing college gymnastics when I'm older. I haven't really decided on where I want to go yet, though I have started looking at schools. [Ebee is currently in the 10th grade.]

Do you have a pre-performance routine?
I don't have any special pre-performance rituals that I do before competing. I never do the same thing before a performance.

Do you have a favorite quote or motto?
When I'm having a tough workout or having trouble doing something, I always think, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

Blitz round – write the first thing that comes to mind.
siblings: I have two younger brothers: Ethan (13), and Elijah (12)
nickname: Ebee
favorite event: Bars or vault
least favorite event: Beam is my least favorite
skill that took you the longest to learn: Weiler kip on bars
favorite show: Pretty Little Liars
favorite song of the moment: Right now my favorite song is either Taylor Swift's "Eyes Open", or Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend".
favorite place you traveled: Rome
last movie you watched: The last movie I saw was "Think Like A Man".
proudest gymnastics moment: Scoring a 10.0 on vault at my home meet earlier this year.

Thank you Ebee and best of luck in 2012!

Edit 5/7: USA Gymnastics has recently been posting videos from camp to youtube. You can find a video of Ebee talking about competing against your friends here. You can also watch a video of her uneven bars routine at camp with a full twisting double layout dismount here or below.

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