People's Republic of ... Purple?

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Huang Huidan

It seems that China is deviating from their national colors of red and yellow in the same way that the Americans have drifted from the red, white, and blue to #teamhotpink.

The Zibo Cup was held in China this past weekend and we were delighted for the return of Cheng Fei, the opportunity to say Huang Huidan compete exhibition (like Gabby Douglas at Scam), and to see how Huang Qiushuang and Yao Jinnan are doing in their training.

Just a few highlights:

Cheng Fei

Cheng Fei won gold on vault with a double twisting yurchenko and a round off 1/2 on, 1/2 off as her second vault. The vault that Cheng Fei created is a round off 1/2 on, 1.5 twist off. Here are her vaults in the event finals: here.

Huang Qiushuang
(I actually really like this one)

Huang Qiushuang has an Adi Pop choreographed floor routine with a new Memmel turn (double turn with foot at head, or a double Y turn). Upon first viewing, I thought it was a bit too "wiggly," for lack of a better word, but at least she's dancing. I don't think I realized how good of a performer she was until now. However, I do agree with the youtube commenter tbee20101, "What a dramatic finish after that last tumbling pass." You can watch the routine here.

Based on this and Huang Qiushuang's leo at the 2011 World Championships, I'm curious what color the Chinese women will be wearing in the all around and event finals!

And on a funny note, they audio people were having trouble finding the right music for Huang Qiushuang at least three times. Poor girl!

Credit for photos: Chinese Gymnastics (tumblr)