Montage Monday

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Hello all!

I've decided to add a new feature where I post some of my favorite montages. We'll see how long this lasts. Feel free to comment with some of your favorites.

This one is a bit controversial just like it's subject matter - the 2011 World Championships All Around Final. The user is AshleyakaFlipper2 and I think she did a great job highlighting the amazing parts as well as the faults in our gold and silver medalists. In the end, only 0.033 points determined the winner. The music is a little eerie and highlights all the tension that developed throughout the competition. Her use of color vs. black and white, flashes, and fades helped to point out the errors of BOTH gymnasts. I really enjoy watching this one!

[Watch in HD.]

Comment and let me know what you think. Feel free to leave your favorites or your own montages and maybe they will be featured as well. If you watch it on youtube, you can also see what John Geddert, Jordyn's coach, said in the description box.