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Can be found here:  Event Finals Day 2. Women's BB, FX, Men's VT, PB, HB. (select 2nd tab on left for gym)

I missed Aurelie  Malaussena (FRA) and Ash Brennan (AUS).

Marta Pihan-Kuleza (POL) - big wobble on standing arabian - leg up, almost off, but saves it.. She's attacking this routine otherwise. Nice switch half - and I usually don't say that. Gainer full dismount. Her leo is black with purple and white swirlies and she has cornrows in her hair with alternating purple and white sparkles haha. Cute!

Giulia Steingruber  - elegant in black and her hair up in a bun. front pike. switch split, side somi.  BHS step out - layout to 2 feet. wolf jump, split jump. Aerial, back tuck. Full turn. Switch half.  Another Gainer full dismount. Pretty good - she attacked that.

The screens that say their name appear to be flickering. I certainly hope it's not for the gymnast's sake. Should have a "seizure inducing" warning sign but I think it might be the camera causing that - let's hope.

Mary Anne Monckton (AUS) - roll on mount, scale.  side aerial, loso, fast fall. front aerial - leg up. sheep jump. switch split, back pike. Full turn with leg up. Switch split half.  Switch ring? Split jump, straddle jump. RO, BHS, double pike, step back.

Lisa Katherina Hill (GER) - she got bronze on UB let's see how this goes. Onodi and slipped! that was scary but she fell to the side. Side aerial. She's incredible tall. Switch split. Think she was supposed to connect that to something. Full turn. bhs, loso. Switch half, bent at the hips a little. Side somi - she's unsteady from that fall. split jump, wolf jump? Double tuck, landed low and took a step forward. She doesn't look very happy.

Catalina Ponor (ROU) - also in black - sheer arms and . straddle mount. Switch ring - both legs up wobble. RO - layout. Double turn - relatively controlled. Onodi - bhs, lo 2 feet. Front aerial - bhs, loso. Switch split, full bhs - is that a Kotchekova? 2 jumps. Stuck double pike! And she basically said "damn straight!" when she saluted. Work it girl! 6.5/8.8 = 15.3 Romanians in the stand are happy!

Jessica Lopez (VEN) - so glad to see her again! It's been too long! Straddle half - feet flexed and big wobble. front aerial - bhs - loso. 2.5 twist dismount. She looks tired. I have no doubt her Olympic dream is going to happen, I just don't know how well she is going to do. We haven't seen her so she hasn't been building her reputation in the way others have been. 5.4/8.350 = 13.750, 4th place :(

Hannah Whelan (GBR) - 2.5 wolf? side aerial - back loso, off the beam. RO - 2.5 twist dismount. (6.0/7.425 = 13.425)

1. Catalina Ponor - 15. 3
2. Ashleigh Brennan 14.325
3. Marta Pihan-Kuleza 13.9

Women's FX
Didi Bulimar (ROU) is amazing at finding the floor! 5.8/8.925=14.625. amazing!
Ashleigh Brennan - how come no one talks about her floor routine? I like it! 5.4/8.5=14.9
Jiang Yuyuan (CHN) - JYY is back and so is her smile! 5.4/8.6 = 14.0
Lisa Katherina Hill - nice routine. I wish she moved a little more - like the movements were so static. Overall, it was nice. - 13.7
Marta Pihan-Kuleza - pretty good routine. The music fits her well and her choreo fits the music. (5.1/8.5=13.6)
Catalina Ponor - that routine was amazing! Before, it was Izbasa & Chelaru. Will it be Bulimar and Ponor? 6.2/9.075
Valentine Sabatou (FRA) - strong girl. she landed out of bounds but managed to keep a smile on her face. Her choreo fit the music, I thought. - 13.325. Would be higher if it weren't for .4 OOB I believe. (.3 for landing OOB + 1 more OOB)
Adela Sajn (SLO) - dramatic music and choreo - 13.675