Cottbus World Cup - EF Day 1

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Hello Everybody!

You can watch the Cottbus World Cup HERE. The men are on FX, PH, and SR. John Orozco and Jesse Silverstein are in 7th and 8th on still rings but that event is terrifying to me, so no blogging for the men today. The women are on VT and UB. On vault, we can look forward to seeing Valeriia Maksyuta of Israel and the 2 Canadians, Dominique Pegg and Brittany Rogers. The uneven bars final seems very exciting with our first look at He Kexin since her fall in team qualifications at 2011 World Championships. The entire line up is exciting, I think. Also, Spain is proving to be a force to be reckoned with come 2016. Claudia Menendez is in 3rd place on vault and Beatriz Cuesta is in 8th on uneven bars. Should be an exciting finals!

Aww, so adorable. The athletes walk out with little girls for the ladies and little boys for the gentleman that hold their hands as they march in and sit in front of them as the athletes are presented to the audience.

Seeds are in parentheses next to their name.

1. Makhautsova, Volha BLR (7th)
She's wearing the leo the Russians have been wearing but in black instead of the shiny green.
VT1: (5.0/8.450) FTY, hop and step back as she saluted.  13.450
VT2: (4.6/7.600) ro, 1/2 on, pike off. Her pike fell apart early and she fell forward and had to put her hands down. 12.2
--> 12.825

2. Rogers, Brittany CAN (2nd)
VT1: (5.8/8.600) DTY. Pretty great! Tried to stick but had to take a small step to the side. Stayed dead in the center though. 14.400
VT2: (5.2/8.325) ro, 1/2 on, pike half off. Pretty large step back and it wasn't the prettiest vault. 13.525
--> 13.962

3. Marachkouskaya, Nastassia BLR (5th)
VT1: (5.0/9.125) FTY. She's a tall girl and seemed to get a good block, she got high in the air and definitely had enough time to finish her twists. Step back. 14.125
VT2: (5.0/8.625) fhs on, pike half off. Landed a little low and had to take a step to the side. Overall looked really good though! 13.625. She wanted to leave the "kiss and cry" before her score was announced but the little girl made her stay. Leo was a little too much green for my liking.
--> 13.875

4. Pegg, Dominique CAN (4th)
VT1: (5.3/8.575) 1.5 TY Her legs in the air were bent in the air, landed low and took a flying step forward. (13.775)
VT2: (4.6/8.7) FHS on, pike off. Another flying step forward. She stayed tight throughout the pike though. 13.300
--> 13.537

5. Sankova, Krystyna UKR (6th) - I like her leo. It's very Porgras/Pena-esque
VT1: (5.8) DTY. Large step back out of the white line.
VT2: (4.4) commercials :(
And now it's beach volleyball. Let's hope that it either comes back or we can find something by the time the Uneven Bar final rolls around.

6. Menendez Gonzalez, Claudia ESP (3rd)
VT1: (5.8)
VT2: (4.8)

7. Maksiuta, Valeriia ISR (1st)
VT1: (5.8)
VT2: (5.0)

8. Achondo Andino, Barbara CHI (8th)
VT1: (5.0)
VT2: (5.2)
Hopefully we see more tomorrow.